Why You Need A Sports Bra

Thursday, 20 April 2017

Grey Zip Up Hoody: Sweaty Betty
Ca Va Slogan Tee: Whistles
Ultimate Run Bra: c/o Shock at Wonderbra
Compression Long Running Tights: c/o Shock at Wonderbra
Nike Free Runs: & Other Stories
Can you believe I've never owned a sports bra until about two months ago? Almost twenty nine years on this planet we call Earth and a sports bra has never been privy to my overflowing underwear drawer - if I'm completely honest I thought it was one of those items reserved for serious gym goers with a little more up top but I've learnt this couldn't be further from the truth (even an A cup can bounce up to 4cms during exercise, that's my wrist well and truly slapped) so I've got to say a huge thank you to Wonderbra and the beyond helpful team at Lakeside Village* for showing me the way forward. 

The incredibly friendly Tracey fitted me for the Shock Absorber Ultimate Run Bra (which actually won the Best Sports Bra in the Running Awards 2016) and I must confess it's one of the best bra fittings I've ever had - not only did Tracey make me feel immediately at ease with her warm welcoming personality but she really knew her stuff too. I've always found bra fittings fascinating and I think my interest stems back to the days when I used to work at GAP, they forever promised to give me the body training so I could fit bras myself but sadly this never came to fruition. When it comes to sports bras I'd definitely say a fitting is the way to go, I found they fit a little different to your normal bra (this one in particular has two fastenings for extra security and runs on the small side) so it's possible you'll need a different size to the one you're used to buying. For me this is the real benefit to buying from Wonderbra Lakeside Village along with the fact that the prices are so much cheaper than the high street, this particular bra was £25 compared to £42 at Debenhams - plus you learn things like the fact this bra will reduce bouncing as much as 78%.

Since my fitting I've been wearing my Run Bra and Shock compression leggings at my weekly gym class which sees me doing anything from running to burpees and push presses and I must say both pieces are welcome additions to my gym kit. The leggings make me feel extra streamline and I swear the hexagon detailing makes me go faster while the bra has become a real can't-be-without essential, everything stays firmly in place which makes a real change from the everyday bra I used to sport (I can't tell you the number of times I had to readjust between exercises) and after my workout I just throw it all in the wash and everything looks just as pristine as the first time I wore it. My kinda garms'.

While we're talking classes if you're Sheffield based and looking for a class that isn't post natal I'd highly recommend Lucy Locket - not only are her classes incredibly purse friendly but they're kept small to ensure your technique is on top form. I recently tried a few classes and absolutely loved HIT circuits and Boxercise Blast plus they're only 30 minutes so practically anyone can make time for them.

PS - I'm proud to say these images truly represent me and haven't been retouched in anyway, I may not be a Victorias Secret model but I'm more than happy with how my body has changed thanks to exercise. You can read more about my baby weight loss journey here.

*I was kindly gifted the sports bra & leggings, all thoughts my own.

Hello April

Thursday, 13 April 2017

Nude Pink Bomber Jacket: Zara
Striped Embroidered Top: Maison Laiche via Smallable
Khaki Casual Trousers: H&M
Navy Gazelles: Adidas
Well hello April! My favourite month of the year is officially here and I couldn't be more excited, the lambs are frolicking, the blossom is out and my birthday is less than two weeks away - last year of my twenties, here I come. Like anything in life it's so much harder to do something when you haven't for a while, I can't tell you the number of times I've sat down to write this post then struggled to find the words so I thought I'd work on the premise of 'let's get rambly' in order to get my first blog post in a while out there. 

I don't know if it's the lighter nights or the warmer temperatures we've been having but April is always a time where I feel incredibly happy and not just because it's my birthday month, although that does help - life feels good right now and I feel as though this last year has been a real milestone, not necessarily in a this is your life, look what I've achieved kind of way but more in the sense that at almost 29 I know who I am, what I want in life and what's truly important to me. You didn't think things would be getting this deep did you? I remember being in my early 20s and reading articles in Glamour where women would say how their 30s are so much better than their 20s and I used to think yeah whatever but now I can actually understand what they're talking about - yes to less self doubt and more life living. While we're opening the honesty can of worms I have so many ideas for Cagney and Lace that I need to bring to fruition and just crack on with instead of putting my lightbulb moments into my iPhone notes and leaving them there, this is my space and I'm keen to put a few ideas into play pronto. 

Now we've covered the life round up let's talk clothes and most importantly the fact that I'm not wearing jeans. Jeans are the cornerstone of many a successful wardrobe yet more often than not I find them becoming a bit of a comfort blanket when it comes to not knowing what to wear, factor in an incredibly active toddler and sometimes you just need a break from the sometimes restrictive item of clothing - I know I'm not the only one who throws their joggers on when they know they're not going out again for the day. After seeing many of my favourite bloggers, namely Alex and Anna rocking khaki pants I raced to the fitting room when I spotted these All Saints (Pure Shores, Never Ever not the store) esque trousers in H&M. As you'd expect from a drawstring waist trouser with super soft peachy feel they're incredibly comfortable and a little bit effortless which always gets a thumbs up in my book. Teamed with Gazelles and a striped tee it's not exactly groundbreaking (anyone else thinking Florals for Spring right now?) but aren't the best outfits a bit basic? The oversized nude pink bomber gives a real sports luxe vibe to proceedings and had it been warmer I think a mule sandal like these I've just ordered from Next would have been just the ticket but hey, sometimes you've gotta put on the Gazelles and go to the park with the family. 

I hope you're all loving April as much as me and if you've got any thoughts on the whole nearly turning 30 thing I'm all ears.

Cagney On Tour: The Lakes

Friday, 17 March 2017

Putting together this post has given me all the joy, don't you just love looking back at photographs? Pre Sadie my dream weekend away would have been a city break with as much shopping as possible whereas now I'd happily choose the countryside with team Wild any day. I booked the Lakes to celebrate Craigs 30th and I think I did a sterling job, we stayed on the periphery of the Lakes in the quaintest cottage looking out a striking church in Kirkby Lonsdale. Kirkby Lonsdale isn't a place I'd heard anything about before but I can promise you it's firmly on our radar now - the village is adorable, incredibly family friendly and somewhere I was definitely sad to leave.

Our first day was travel heavy so things didn't get noteworthy until Saturday where the day began with a walk to Ruskins View, a view so epic it was once painted by Turner. I say walk but much of the hour plus stroll was me carrying Sadie as she was feeling under the weather and only wanted me, let's just say I deserved my chocolate scone in the afternoon. With plenty of fresh air in our lungs we collected the pram and headed into town to eat, visit the best gift store and even get a drink in the local brewery, can Kirkby Lonsdale get any cooler? With recommendations coming thick and fast for local eatery Platos we decided it was the only place to dine on a Saturday night. Massive snaps to Sadie who let us eat three whole courses, a real treat for Craig and I.

Day two saw us drive to Bowness as it was somewhere I visited on my Geography trip at school. Rather disappointingly it wasn't quite as I remembered and felt spoilt by tourism which was a real shame as I'd waxed lyrical about going as a teen. Thankfully we found a super relaxed, Instagram worthy pub that more than made up for the let down. From Bowness we drove back to Kirkby Lonsdale via Low Sizergh Barn which is one of the most individual farms I've ever visited - not only can you sit and enjoy a slice of cake but you can do it while watching the cows being milked! Sadie absolutely loved it and so did we, there's even a milk vending machine as you leave. Reason 23 why we need to head back to the Lakes. With weary feet and a tired toddler on our hands we rounded off our day with a pizza at Avanti a stones throw from our cottage.

Waking up on Monday morning to the sound of the church bells reminded me just how quiet and relaxing our stay had been although the chiming did bring me back to reality as I realised today was check out day, cue frantic bag packing and sad faces all round as we left our beautiful cottage. With just the morning before we set home we decided to visit Ambleside and boy did it live up to its high praises. The views and weather were equally glorious particularly as we strolled around the park, the perfect way to end the celebratory weekend.

Have you ever visited The Lakes?

A Few Favourites #1

Thursday, 9 March 2017

It feels like a long time since I gathered a few favourites and wrote about them, as I'm sure you're aware it's fashion content that reins supreme around these parts but after reading a post by Alice it got me thinking in true Carrie Bradshaw style - while posting outfits and talking about the thought process behind them will always excite me it's not always feasible. As a home owner and a parent there's always going to be something that my disposable income needs to be spent on and sometimes that means adding to my wardrobe is put on the back burner. Cagney and Lace will always be my hobby so while I enjoy keeping up to date with my favourite bloggers who are switching their looks up daily the fact is their making a career out of their blogs (and YES that you can do this, go girls) that just isn't going to be me so by writing this I'm reminding myself that Cagney and Lace is my space to write whatever I please and I hope you all still enjoy the journey as much as me.

February was a month where I spent a fair amount feeling under the weather and understandably whinging as I'm sure my poor husband can attest to. When the chips are down my resolve is to have long steam-up-the-windows-and-mirrored-cabinet bath accompanied by a good book and if I'm feeling fancy a candle so of course I've got one of each to tell you about. Jo Malones My Story is one of the most interesting autobiographies I've read in a long time, to say I couldn't put it down is an understatement and it even brought on eye bags as I'd stayed up burning the midnight oil reading it. The woman is nothing short of an inspiration and if you enjoy a book that makes you weep and air punch at the same time then this is one you need in your life. For candles its brand Neom that's been a firm favourite and in particular the De-Stress scent. Unlike many candles I own (and there's a lot) these actually burn cleanly and I truly feel relaxed when this little pot of magic has been burning, a tall order for any relaxing product as I'm the epitome of someone who struggles to switch off.

Underwear isn't usually something I wax lyrical on as I'm not someone who airs my smalls for the world to see but sometimes I make an exception, especially when it's as pretty as this. When I stopped feeding Sadie last year I was so excited to finally get some nice bras but just like jean shopping, finding underwear that fits is a bloody nightmare. Enter this non padded, underwired lacey number from Victoria Secret which is pretty and surprisingly comfortable. Annoyingly it's only available to buy online but I promise it's worth the hassle. February wasn't all baths and books as I finally got to see La La Land, I've already raved about the film on every social platform available so I'll not over do it but with a gaping LLL hole in my life after leaving the cinema I had to order the soundtrack. The songs are the perfect anecdote to a dreary day and have been keeping Sadie and I (well mainly me) entertained on many a car journey.

Last but by no means least is a recipe favourite in the shape of Jamie Olivers fish pie. I'm sure every household features a Jamie Oliver book or three although I must confess I never use ours preferring to cook solely from my Madeline Shaws books but when I heard of a superfood family offering I had to snap it up. Now I'm the kinda girl who follows a recipe to the letter and if I like the end result it quickly becomes a staple in our dining week and that's exactly what's happened with the fish pie. It's literally the best fish pie I've ever tasted. We've also tried the chicken goujons which are moorish so I think I need to expand my horizons and keep turning the pages. My friend Claire has recently posted a more in-depth review of cookbooks you need in your arsenal so I suggest you head over to her blog pronto.

What are your favourites right now?

Eight Items To 'Spring' Your Wardrobe

Sunday, 5 March 2017

Gingham Top - Pink Sweater - Folk Top - Embroidered Shirt - Fringed Knit - Belted Coat - Rainbow Gazelles - White Shirt

If you're looking for a collection of items that epitomise the rainbow and put a huge smile on your face in the process then you're in the right place. Opening my wardrobe this morning I was greeted by my staple cashmere knits, more navy, grey and breton stripes than you could shake a stick at and all of the jeans yet when it comes to pretty day to night tops that could potentially hide a multitude of grubby toddler hand stains (well maybe not the white shirt) to work with my collection of jeans and I'm seriously lacking - enter the eight piece wish list which could easily kick start my Spring wardrobe, now where's that money tree?

If you're a regular around these parts you'll know how I've always been a bit of Topshop princess but I have to say the store's been firmly pushed aside by my new go to & Other Stories, is there anything that brand can make that I don't want to buy? I think not. The folk inspired top has the sweetest pattern mixing stripes and spots while the fringed jumper is a real departure from my regular cashmere knits whilst still bringing the warmth, not forgetting the embroidered shirt - who doesn't love a twisted classic? Flared sleeves are all over the shop right now and while they're not the most practical for a mum I love the green gingham take on the trend from Warehouse and it'd be criminal not to include the scalloped detail shirt that I've seen Kim rocking.

Of course it wouldn't be Spring without some soft muted pastel shades and this season I'm coveting pink and lemon, a hue that's notoriously awkward to style but doesn't this belted coat put all those fears to bed? Good job Mango! The final pull it all together piece are my favourite kicks, the stellar Adidas Gazelles. Now you might remember me putting a pair of Stan Smiths in a previous styling post but after ordering them online I found them nowhere near as easy to style as my beloved Gazelles.

How are you looking to ready your wardrobe for Spring?

Sporty Was Always My Favourite

Sunday, 26 February 2017

Grey Cashmere Knit: & Other Stories
Jenner Stripe Trouser: Whistles
Lace Up Trainers: Topshop
Hibiscus Blossom Bag: Mulberry
Faux Fur Aviator Jacket: Warehouse

It almost seems like yesterday that I was penning my last post, I feel like time goes even quicker now I'm a parent or could that just be a sign that life is more fun as a mum? That ladies and gentlemen is one thought I'll be pondering for days. This week saw a switch up in our usual parenting routine thanks to half term, not only is everywhere busier but there are zero groups running, the solution? Our first trip to soft play, Sadie had an absolute blast and understandably didn't want to leave while I got to test out the slide more than a few times - we'll definitely be going back. With Craig travelling here, there and everywhere with work right now we managed to sync our diaries and enjoy a date night together Friday where we tried Urban Choola before getting a crepe and a gin & tonic (or two) at Street City Market just over the road. If you're Sheffield based and have never been then I suggest you get yourself to their next event pronto - there's a mix of food vendors, two bars and the whole place has a real party feel.

We shot these outfit pictures last weekend when Sheffield decided to dangle the almost Spring carrot which means I wasn't actually freezing in the outtakes, something that hasn't happened for ages. The athleisure sports luxe trend shows no sign of waning thanks to one item in particular which can only be described as a grown up version of tracksuit bottoms, you know the kind you wore at school inspired by the one and only Sporty Spice or was that just me? I even had that lime green and navy reverse stripe Adidas tracksuit, I was always Sporty when we reenacted the Spice Girl music videos. Childhood memories aside I'm yet to find a pair of side stripe trousers that I haven't fallen head over heels for (Me & Em have a beautiful pair), there's just something so chic yet effortless about them and I love that they bring a dressed up vibe to an otherwise casual outfit - yes I am wearing another & Other Stories cashmere jumper, I can't get enough of their knitwear. I even wore them on a friends birthday night out recently and while I didn't quite get the styling right - I'm my own worst critic and don't think a strappy cami was the right pick, I felt uber stylish out in them. It's also nice to throw on something that isn't a pair of jeans so I'd highly recommend this style of trouser if you're looking to break your denim habit too. 

I trust your Sunday will be well spent? Sadie and I are introducing my friend Gemma to Show Me Joni this morning and I've no doubt she'll love it just as much as us.

What do you make of the athleisure trend? Was Sporty your favourite Spice?

Wild Hearts Run Free

Sunday, 19 February 2017

Camel Coat: Marks & Spencer
Wool Mohair Bomber Cardigan: & Other Stories
Wild Heart Tee: Topshop
Raw Hem Straight Jeans: Topshop
Dorateymur Nip Zip Boots: Farfetch.com
The days since my last post have rolled into one hazy blur and to be frank I don't think I could tell you what I've done each day without consulting a calendar, Sadie is still out of sorts and I don't know if it's a cold or teething but what I do know is that it's been keeping me up many nights hence those tell tale bags that not even Nars radiant creamy concealer can disguise so there's nothing quite like a cinema trip, a holiday booking (or two) and the birth of a beautiful baby boy to boost a knackered mums spirits. I finally got to see La La Land Wednesday and in my book it truly deserves the hype, Ryan Gosling is well Ryan Gosling but Emma Stone is something else. I'm already having withdrawals and I'm waiting for the soundtrack to arrive any day. Yes I'm that girl. Thursday saw the birth of baby Rory, my friends second bambino and I couldn't be more proud. Any mum that goes back for more deserves a medal in my book. As any girl will know there's nothing like booking a vacay to make you feel all kinds of tropical so imagine how ecstatic I am that we now have two in the diary, eeeeeeeeeeek! Now who's ready for some outfit chat before I start planning Sadies holiday wardrobe?

If I had a pound for every time I've worn these jeans I'd easily be in double digits, to say I'm obsessed is putting it mildly and while I've raved about the merits of these jeans before I think the real saving grace for me is how well they work in my wardrobe, whether teamed with trainers or worn with a heeled sock boot (yes I've finally found the pair of my dreams) so much so that I've actually bought a back up pair, just in case of a denim emergency. Tucked into my jeans is a slogan tee I couldn't resist after my fashion forward pal Scarlett sent me an iMessage I couldn't ignore - as a Wild anything brandishing my new surname is a no brainer, you've been warned. Keeping me snug is a cardigan, something I having sported in a while but there's just something about this knitted bomber with sports luxe styling that makes it cooler than your regular cardi. The real dream boat here though is undoubtedly my oh-no-she-didn't Dorateymur boots. After spotting them on my weekly Net A Porter scroll I just couldn't get them out of my mind so you can imagine how things intensified when I saw them on Lindseys social, or was it Lucys? I promptly tracked them down on Farfetch along with a discount code and the rest, along with a DHL delivery mishap (DHL we are officially over) is history.

PS - Incase you wondered why my camel coat shots show me smiling like a goon to the right I thought it fitting to include a snap of Sadie in situ for the cutest context around.


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