Cagney and Lace combines my love of fashion with the everyday – whether I’m off on my travels, cooking up a storm, renovating our home or having a family day out you’re likely to hear about it on Cagney and Lace alongside a whole host of outfit posts because fashion makes my world go round.

Why Cagney & Lace? A play on the police themed 80s drama title the name actually stems from my great aunties Yorkshire terrier named Cagney who I used to walk as a child and a real love for anything lace.

In case you didn’t know I’m Hannah, a thirty year old northerner with a compulsive shopper with a penchant for Breton tops, messy hair and peanut butter. I spend far too much time trying to create the dream capsule wardrobe and often wonder if I’m the real life Becky Bloomwood as I find any shopping an absolute joy. I live in Sheffield with my husband Craig and our beautiful daughters Sadie and Darcey, not forgetting our Beddlington Terrier Bramble.

I hope you enjoy reading Cagney & Lace as much as I adore writing it.