With just eleven weeks remaining in my second pregnancy (just where did the time go?) I thought it was high time I compiled a list of the four essential items that have helped me no end throughout my pregnancy. As this is my second baby, I have a two and a half year old daughter in case you’re new around here I feel I’ve learnt from my previous mistakes only buying the items I truly need so this is a definite list of things you need now if you’re expecting.

Bbhugme Nursing Pillow – Let’s start with the obvious, there’s 101 nursing pillows on the market and I can bet that at least 96 are cheaper than this one but if you can stretch to the almost £130 price tag I suggest you do, right now. This pillow is like no other I’ve tried before and trust me when I say I’ve tried a lot. I’m not the greatest sleeper at the best of times so throwing a growing fetus into the mix is going to cause mayhem but with the addition of this pillow I’ve actually been sleeping pretty soundly (except for a few cases of insomnia and Sadie waking up in the night but even this dream boat of a pillow can’t help that!) On inspection the Bbhugme pillow is much longer than the standard pillows you see on the market of this kind and completely different in terms of shape which can frankly only be described as sausage like, the design developed by three female chiropractors clearly makes the world of difference and I challenge you to buy this pillow and not sleep well on it. It can also be used once baby arrives as a feeding pillow or simply used as a place to hangout when your baby gets a bit older. All I can say is I wish I’d of known about this when I was pregnant with Sadie. If you’re struggling with the price justification I’d suggest playing a game of cost per use and you’ll soon discover this is a more cost effective buy than that Topshop maternity dress you’ve got your eye on. I rest my case.

Exercising in my Madeleine Shaw x Mamas & Papas Leggings – Now this essential is two fold and I’m afraid to say owning a pair of these leggings will not instantly make you fit although they do look fabulous on, now we’ve got that elephant in the room out of the way let’s talk fitness. When I was pregnant with Sadie I did the classic wrap myself in cotton wool routine, not daring to exercise in case anything was too much even though I had no health conditions or any red flags being waved at me which was all good and well until I came to lose the baby weight I’d put on, it took ages and it was then I kicked myself for not doing any exercise at all, vowing that my second pregnancy would be different and it is. I met George from Mumma Bump Fit nine months after Sadie was born, not only is he a lovely guy but he really knows his stuff and with his help through a mixture of personal training and group classes I’d never been in better shape. When I found out I was expecting this time I knew I’d have to cut the group classes straight away, they’re pretty intense HIT classes which I absolutely adore but knew would be no good for my growing baby so at 12 weeks pregnant I started personal training again and it’s been one of the best decisions I’ve made. I absolutely love exercising and have been going once a week since November, it’s getting quite tough now as baby is taking so much from me but it’s been so good not only for my fitness but my well being too.

It wasn’t long before my regular Sweaty Betty leggings started to dig in so I swiftly bought a pair of Madeleine Shaw for Mamas & Papas workout leggings and I’ve been wearing them to every session since. The mesh cut outs at the bottom make you feel like you’re wearing a regular pair of exercise leggings and not something maternity while the over the bump panel means you’re super comfortable at all times. Is there anything Madeleine Shaw can’t do?

Bravado Maternity Bra – Think about how many pillows I’ve tried during pregnancy, then multiply that number by ten and that’s the number of maternity bras I’ve owned. Everybody’s bodies behave differently when they’re pregnant but for me there’s one thing you can guarantee, my boobs will get enormous and at the most ridiculous rate – at the beginning of this pregnancy I was changing bra size every four weeks, that my friends is one expensive endeavour especially when you’re partial to a non wired bra from Victoria Secret. Step forward the Bravado Maternity Bra which has been a true hero for my sizeable mammaries and I have the lovely ladies at JoJo Maman Bebe to thank for this discovery. This is hands down the most comfortable yet strangely supportive maternity bra I’ve ever tried, sure it’s not going to win any beauty awards but you show me a comfortable maternity bra that does! It’s hard to explain exactly why you need this maternity bra but I will say nothing else I’ve tried comes close plus it’s going to last you much longer than a sized maternity bra as it comes in S, M and L which accounts for a host of different bra sizes plus the cups clip down, perfect if you decide to feed your baby too.

Neom Body Oil – When it comes to body products in pregnancy there’s nothing quite as luxurious as using a body oil, in both my pregnancies the most important part of my evening routine is massaging my bump with oil and I definitely feel like it makes a difference to my skin. It’s also a lovely thing to do,  giving you a few precious moments to connect with bump which I’ve found harder to find in my second pregnancy. I’ve used countless oils over my pregnancies and my favourite is easily from Neom – they’re one of my go to brands for luxury body care products (not forgetting their candles) and while some of their products aren’t suitable during pregnancy due to the high concentrate of essential oils these beautifully scented and more importantly natural body oils are. If you’re on the look out for a more purse friendly buy I also swear by Argan+ Stretch Mark Oil and the classic Bio Oil.

My final pregnancy essential which has done me the world of good is to take time out and do something just for myself. I’ve been going down the classic pampering route getting my nails done and treating myself to the occasional facial and I can’t believe the difference it’s made to my wellbeing and how ready I feel to parent afterwards, especially now I don’t have the downtime I used to enjoy while Sadie had an afternoon nap. I know this is much trickier when you’re onto a second plus pregnancy but if you can get your partner, parent or friend to watch your children even if it’s just for an hour then go for it, I promise you won’t regret it!

What are the essentials you swear by during pregnancy?


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