Khaki trench: Topshop / Grey knit jumper: Topshop / Faux leather maternity leggings: Topshop / Leopard print boots: Mango via JD Williams*

What a week it’s been! If you follow me over on Instagram you may already know that the past seven days have been a bit of a juggling act as the decorators began their first week of renovations, starting with Sadie’s room and the nursery. With just the downstairs in play and Sadie recently forgoing nap time (that was a milestone no one was ready for) the week was one steep learning curve especially when your own bedroom otherwise known as your sanctuary has to house a toddler for four nights. Of course it was all worth it though and once the plaster dust had settled and been cleaned away (how does it get everywhere?) we now have a nearly there nursery and the most beautiful room for Sadie that I’m actually tempted to move into myself, who knew pink walls could be so bright and uplifting? She absolutely loves it and has even been keeping things tidy which is a better reaction than we could have ever hoped for! I’m now on the look out for all of the accessories to make it a bedroom to be proud of so keep your eyes peeled if interiors are your bag.

On days when you’re time poor (there’s been plenty of those this week) there’s always that one piece in your wardrobe that pulls it out of the bag, making you feel polished, stylish and ready to tackle the world – for me that’s got to be one of my long time favourites, leopard print. There’s just something about this neutral yet punchy pattern that elevates an outfit, making it look like you’ve put in far more effort than you actually have, lazy girl style at it’s best which is exactly what you want on a weekend when you’ve had minimal sleep (hello pregnancy insomnia!) I’ve long been an advocate of leopard print touches from scarves to bags and even outerwear which is in fact one of the hardest working coats I own along with my camel one but I digress as today I’m hear to talk to you about none of the above but in fact leopard print boots. Now if you’re a long time reader of Cagney & Lace you’ll know I’ve had a pair from Warehouse for ages but after several years of wear and countless compliments they were starting to see better days so these boots from Mango via JD Williams could not have arrived at a better time. Not only is the dark leopard print more expensive looking than my previous pair but they’ve got a look of the Whistles Berwick boots which are also a damn sight pricier, winner winner! The low heel and slightly pointed toe adds to the levels of outfit elevation and I think these would work just as well for an evening out as they do with my more chilled ensemble today.

With the leopard doing all the talking the rest of my weekend get up is pretty simple, these faux leather leggings have got me out of more what-do-I-wear maternity scrapes than I care to admit while the simple long line grey knit that I found hanging at the back of my wardrobe provides the perfect monochrome base. All note worthy outfits end with strong outerwear and this look my friends is no exception, this khaki trench has been a fixture in my wardrobe for almost two years and it’s still going strong which is proof that you don’t have to spend a fortune to bag a hard working wardrobe staple. Just like the boots this trench brings a smarter look to proceedings and once again makes my simple knit and leather leggings combo look more pulled together. All that’s left is a slick of bright lipstick and you’d almost fool people into thinking you’ve styled your hair, well maybe?

Which item in your wardrobe do you rush to when you need to feel polished?

*These boots were gifted to me, all thoughts my own.


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