Happy New Year! I hope you’ve had a good one? We started our New Years Eve how we intend to start 2018 with some of the best people you’ll ever meet and delicious food – walking from Upper Burbage to Fox House pub and back, there’s nothing quite like getting out in the fresh air and taking time to reminisce about the year gone by before welcoming a new one. We had laughs, walking wars (I’m pretty impressed with my pregnancy performance), baked camembert and even chatted plans for NYE 2018! We rounded off our evening with enough M&S buffet food for five even though there was just the three of us and relaxed, and I wouldn’t have it any other way particularly as Sadies had a few terrible nights, we’re definitely behind in the league of sleep which is one thing I didn’t anticipate going into 2018! Today we’re hosting my family for brunch before eating dinner with the in-laws, in short it’ll be another food centric day and the perfect way to wave farewell to our last day of the holidays, sob! Thank goodness Craigs birthday is on the horizon.

Speaking of looking back and reminiscing compiling this post has forced me to do exactly that and looking through these pictures has made me smile. Forest Gump famously said life’s like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get but some how I don’t think Tom Hanks was talking about our 2017. 2017 has been an incredibly joyous year – we celebrated Craig turning the big 3-0 with a trip to the Lakes, enjoyed two family holidays – one to Portugal and the other to Lake Como and moved house. Typing this while sat in our beautiful new living room it’s hard to imagine the six month struggle we had trying to get here, it genuinely feels like a lifetime ago – even when everyone told us how stressful moving house was I laughed it off, I’m not a stressy kind of person so I didn’t think it would affect me but boy they weren’t joking. Let’s just say it’s not a process we’ll be repeating in a hurry. The last and probably biggest thing to happen in 2017 was discovering I was pregnant, it’s hard to put into words just how elated we are and it’s certainly making us excited for the year ahead knowing it won’t be long until we’re a family of four.

While I’m not really someone to make new years resolutions (I’m terrible at sticking to them) I’m determined to keep exercising throughout 2018 even while I’m pregnant – 2016/2017 were the years that I really started to enjoy working out and while I did very little exercise while I was pregnant with Sadie I’m keen to do things differently this time around. I’ve already been working with George from Mumma Bump Fitness and I hope to continue for as long as possible with my second pregnancy. The other activity I’d like to make more of an effort with this year is reading, I frequently attempt early nights and then find myself sitting in bed with my phone attached to my hand while I scroll through Instagram and watch YouTube videos instead of picking up a book and delving in. I was a big reader when I was younger and surround Sadie with books so I suppose I need to practice what I preach and put the phone down.

On the subject of wellbeing I’m also keen to make a conscious effort to take more time out, I think we’re all guilty of dashing around and not taking that necessary time to ourselves which is something I find makes a huge difference to my general mindset and actually makes me parent better when I’ve had a moment or two to myself – I recently treated myself to a facial and I can’t tell you how much of a new woman I felt after just a couple of hours on my own. The very kind people Jet2.com (who for the record I love to fly with, hello huge baggage allowance) are true advocates of taking time out to chill and rather sweetly sent me over a hamper full of goodies to help me relax. They thought of everything from a yoga mat to an aromatherapy candle and even some herbal teas and healthy treats as I’m a firm believer in wellbeing not just being about peace of mind but what you put into your body too. While the snacks may be long gone (along with the teas) I’m planning on using my yoga mat and mindfulness colouring book to help me take that much needed few minutes each day to refresh and revive so a huge thank you to team Jet2.com.

My final wish for 2018 is travel, there’s no greater experience than exploring somewhere new and even though 2018 will already be incredibly busy with a baby and toddler to look after I’d love to have a few UK based trips to look forward to (sadly they’ll be no Jet2 flights for us this year). Craig and I got engaged in Norfolk (over 3 years ago!) so this is somewhere I’d love to revisit especially as the shops and beaches are so beautiful and Cornwall has always been on my list of places to holiday in Blighty, I’m not the only one to swoon on Instagram at the picturesque landscapes and Rick Stein restaurants so I’m keeping everything crossed that we can make these trips happen this year.

What are you hoping to do more of in 2018? Is there anywhere you’re hoping to visit this year?


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