Long Crossover Dress: Zara / Navy Faux Fur: Sezane / Dorateymur Nip Zip Boots: Farfetch.com

Happy Christmas Eve! How is it even the 24th of December? I don’t know where this year has gone but I’m certainly embracing the arrival of today – in less than 24 hours the big guy will have been and we’ll be racing down the stairs to make sure the carrot and mince pie have disappeared before I try to hold my excitement in as we watch Sadie open her gifts, can you tell I can’t wait? As I pen this post I’m wearing something a damn sight less festive and frankly less fetching so it seems fitting to tell you all about an outfit much jazzier than my current pyjamas that I wore to my works Christmas do and did I forget to mention it features two new pieces that I know will be in my wardrobe for years to come? This one’s a goodie.

Wrap dresses are one of the classic dress styles that almost every woman has in her wardrobe but I must confess I’ve never found one that felt me until now. I don’t know if it’s the non jersey material (jersey wraps can sometimes feel a bit mumsy), the flamenco style ruffles or the fact this doesn’t make me feel the size of a house #pregnancyproblems but I absolutely love it and I’m pleased to finally have such a timeless design in my arsenal. I actually first spotted this dress on Olivia from What Olivia Did, now that girl could wear a black bag and look sensational but something about it made me think it might just work for my pregnancy bod and I’m glad my instincts were right. The only thing I will say is that it needs some serious adjusting in front if you’re blessed in the cleavage department – normally this isn’t an issue I have but carrying a baby does all sorts of crazy things to you. I managed to counteract the bra flashing with a discreet safety pin but you could easily go for a lace topped cami to protect your modesty or wear as a daytime look with a fitted polo neck underneath, something I’m thinking of for an upcoming family dinner. I find Zara to be incredibly hit or miss but this dress is one I’m happy to have in my wardrobe.

Now I couldn’t compile this post without talking about the title piece and while I’m on the subject tell me I’m not the only one who recites the fur coat and no knickers line in my head when wearing a faux fur jacket? Of course that’s not how I think of myself, I’m style and substance don’t you know – this faux fur jacket from French brand Sezane is what dreams are made of. Similarly to a wrap dress a faux fur jacket is an item I’ve coveted for a long time and exactly like the aforementioned a faux fur isn’t an easy one to get right, no one wants to look like a rapper or the honey monster so you know the French would get it spot on. From the navy blue hue to the softer than soft faux fur this jacket is like wearing a hug combined with a hot water bottle, even in minus temperatures. This wasn’t the cheapest buy but I firmly believe a faux fur is something you have in your wardrobe for years to come and won’t it look just as sensational with jeans and a chunky knit? I think so. With the dress and larger than life jacket doing all the talking I decided to keep things low key with my footwear choice, I bought these Dorateymur boots back in February and they walk the line perfectly between dressy and smart casual – ideal for dressing up jeans or balancing a girlier look like this.

Now the only question left is whether we can use this picture for a Christmas card next year, anyone know how to superimpose the rest of the family in? I hope you’re all having the Merriest Christmas and are currently eating your weight in festive treats while enjoying some quality time with your loved ones, I know I will be.


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