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Well hello there, how are you? It feels like an age since I penned a post but there’s a reason I’ve been so quiet, we’ve officially moved house! Yes after six months of stress, phone calls, sweat and a little more stress we’ve finally moved and we couldn’t be happier. We’ve been in our new house for a month and even though there’s still a few boxes hanging around it’s starting to feel like home. When we bought our old house it was a complete project and in our four year residence we did every single room so it’s quite a contrast to our current property where every room is decorated pretty well, much to Craigs delight. That said I’m super keen to put our own stamp on things and the room I’m itching to make a start on is the living room. Now don’t be fooled, this room isn’t terrible by any stretch of the imagination but it’s currently missing curtains and since we’ve got a bay window I’ve decided now is the perfect time to get them made and decorate the entire room at the same time. Reasonable thinking no?

It’ll come as no surprise that I had grand designs on this room before we even moved in and have been pinning away for longer than I care to admit so of course I had a strong colour scheme in mind from the off – think dark blue with hints of grey and blush pink, partly inspired by my Oliver Bonas vase (pictured above). In our new abode we’re blessed with high ceilings and the room itself is incredibly light thanks to the huge bay window so I’m excited to experiment with darker colours which was never an option for us in our cottage. The colour we’ve decided on is Little Greenes Hicks Blue after surprisingly vetoing Farrow & Balls selection. We’re planning on painting all four walls up to the picture rail in this hue, keeping everything above white like image 2 from Pinterest, in fact that whole image is very similar to our living room especially the fireplace and alcove shelving set up. To keep things from looking one dimensional I’m desperate to introduce all of the textures in the form of a super plush grey carpet, sumptuous velvet curtains and all of the tactile pink blush cushions. The piece de resistance has got to be the light fitting and I’m keen to get hold of this phenomenal chandelier from Graham and Green, now it’s not cheap but how often do you really buy light fittings? I rest my case.

The only bone of contention is our sofa and love seat combination which you might remember us buying from Loaf here. Now we both adore our huge four seater and seat of love however they absolutely swamp the proportions of our new living room (our old lounge was ridiculously oversized). Sofas are such an expensive purchase and as everyone knows a nightmare to get right – we actually went for something completely different to what we originally had in mind and if we were to re-buy I don’t think we’d go for cushions quite as squidgy as they need constant plumping and ain’t nobody got time for that. For now I think we’ll be sticking with what we’ve got but I’ve certainly started scouting.

Are you feeling our living room plans?



  1. Shaney Firth
    November 22, 2017 / 11:22 am

    The livingroom will look Devine , the colour scheme is very Royal & will look luxurious but homely. Love this scheme😊👍🏻💕

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