Mustard Coat: Zara / Croissant Tee: Ganni via Question-Air / Flap Bag: & Other Stories / BDG Axyl Jeans: Urban Outfitters / Backless Loafers: Topshop

Sometimes plans don’t exactly go as intended but I’ve been making lemonade from lemons long enough to know that you got to take an Oasis stance and roll with it, throw on your favourite things and go outside which is exactly what we did yesterday. If you keep coming back for more you’ll know I’m a huge advocate of getting a good dose of fresh air and September couldn’t be a more perfect time for outdoor strolling with the slightly cooler temperatures ideal for new coat wearing and leaf kicking – tell me I’m not the only one over five that still does that? Once upon a time I used to live for magazines, collecting all of the monthlies and pouring over them with a fine tooth comb but now and probably unsurprisingly it’s blogs that are my go to so when I saw a yellow Jigsaw blazer doing the rounds I wanted it, the only problem? The almost £200 price tag, now I’m all for investing but how much wear would I get out of a yellow jacket, well it would seem quite a bit. I picked up this mustard coloured Zara dupe for a mere £29 and boy am I impressed – it gives the same tailored, smart vibe elevating a casual outfit and the fabric has a faux suede texture which surprisingly works. Ever since I got back from Italy I’ve been wearing it almost daily as it’s got the perfect weight for early September days.

Underneath is a Ganni croissant tee which is my favourite thing right now, the cotton is super soft and thin but thankfully not see through like I certain white Whistles tee I tried on recently. Now this tee was super hard to track down after seeing it all over Instagram and Pinterest but one of my Google searches was finally fruitful as I found it on a website called Question-Air, a Lomdon based boutique that did speedy free delivery. I’m all about free delivery and detest paying for it! This may seem like a faddy buy but just like a band tee I’m planning on pulling this out season after season, I mean who wouldn’t want a pastry on their chest? The final noteworthy piece has got to be my BDG straight leg jeans which I live in, live in in the sense that as soon as they’re dirty they’re in the wash and on the heated drying rack so I can wear them the next day. They’re incredibly comfortable and have the Goldilocks level of straight leg, frayed hem ness – they definitely stretch though so I’d recommend getting the smallest size you can squeeze into. I actually can’t believe they haven’t been featured on here yet as I wear them almost daily! Of course my flap suede bag and loafers were the order on the day and in fact these are another item that haven’t left my feet, I reach for them far too often which cements the fact that a) I love loafers and b) I need the Gucci ones stat.

I hope you all have the most splendid Sunday planned, we’re off to Chatsworth country show to see all sorts of wonderment as clearly two Sundays in a row at Chatsworth is how we do things.

Do you start wearing colours fitting for the season ahead?


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