You know that feeling where you have all the things to say but aren’t quite sure where to begin? Well this is me and blogging right now – I really need to up my note taking game as sometimes all the words come to me when I least expect it but when I sit down at my laptop they’ve vanished, tell me I’m not alone? June has been the ultimate whirlwind month with everything going at lightening pace so you can imagine my delight at a Thursday night of event hopping where, wait for it, I didn’t get home until 10pm, talk about unheard of – I practically bounded through the door, word vomitted on my husband about how wonderful my evening had been and retreated. Sometimes a break from the norm, albeit four hours away from my usual mum duties is just what you need.

My evening started with me catching up with team Nourish who have just opened a new store, a stones throw from my stopping ground on Ecclesall Road. This couldn’t be a more fitting location for the flourishing Sheffield based brand who keep health, nutrition and most importantly taste at the heart of everything they do. If you’re a regular around here you’ll know this isn’t my first (or last) trip to Nourish, in-house nutritionist and owner Dave Stache has a real passion for making a difference and that’s clear for all to see – pop in for lunch and you’re not only guaranteed a balanced meal exempt from empty calories but advise on all things healthy living, if you ask of course. I tried a number of Nourishs’ popular dishes including Chicken Malabar, The Nourish Bowl, Jerk Salmon and my personal fave Moroccan Meatballs. Now a few food photographs does not a food blogger make but I’d of been a fool not to get any snaps of the fodder especially the can-I-get-a-second-portion-of Chocolate Avocado Mousse – quite simply the creamiest and decadent tasting sweet but not so naughty treat around. Nourish, I’ll be back.

From one indie to the next I headed round the corner to meet the Mama Social girls who were hosting an event with the wonderful Trapeze Kids on Sharrowvale Road, the place to go if you’re looking for cool childrens clothes, toys and gifts for mums to be. In complete contrast to Nourish I grabbed a glass of prosecco ‘cos balance and perused the rails whilst chewing the fat with all of the mums and lovely owner Donna. If only every Thursday was this snazzy…

Where are your favourite independents to eat and shop?


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  1. Shaney
    July 1, 2017 / 11:57 am

    Sounded an enjoyable event!
    A re- charge of some social activity👍🏻😊- Glad you enjoyed it xx

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