One thing I’ve always enjoyed is eating out – whether it’s for breakfast, brunch, lunch, cake or dinner I can often think of an excuse to eat out but one thing no one tells you about is how dining out gets a whole lot trickier when you throw a toddler into the mix. When they’re babies you can pretty much go out as you please as long as you’ve got the white stuff but dining out with a toddler or any child who eats their own meal for that matter is challenging – will there be enough choice on the menu, will your child sit patiently while the food is made, have you brought enough distractions in your Mary Poppins bag? There’s usually 101 things going on in a mums mind so when you go somewhere that requires minimal effort you know you’re onto a winner. Step forward The Waggon & Horses* just a stones throw from Milhouses Park – now this is a pub which in all honesty isn’t the type of establishment I frequent at 11.30am in the morning with Sadie (or without her for that matter) but there’s something about the historic Waggon & Horses that makes it feel like anything but a pub.

From the warm welcome that made me feel like I was visiting a friend to the more than perfect setting right next to Milhouses Park The Waggon & Horses is pretty child friendly. Take the colour in childrens menu or the fact that the beyond lovely waitress brought over plastic knives and forks for Sadie and our play date pal (why don’t more restaurants have these?) What I love most about the menu is the offers that run which couldn’t be more perfect for any park goers especially when the littles are in tow – whether it’s coffee and cake for £4.50, unlimited toast when you buy a hot drink (such a genius idea as it means you can enjoy a coffee and a catch up with a friend while your child chows down on carbs) or the offer we chose which was a childs meal for just £1 when you buy an adults meal between 10am-12noon. Hats off to Waggon & Horses for their daily deals as they mean you can still enjoy dining out without spending a fortune, something every mum worries about – I’ve definitely gone from spending my disposable income on clothes to meals out in the daytime since having Sadie.

Now I’m pretty good at ordering when it comes to menus but boy did I make the wrong choice – I went for the buttermilk fried chicken burger, it was lovely but not a patch on my bud Claires waffles royale, not only did they look Insta worthy but they tasted sensational too (yes she let me try some!) Sadie on the other hand got it beyond right with her margarita pizza which had the perfect thin and crispy sourdough base although this is where my only negative lies with The Waggon & Horses. While they’ve got the breakfast options down to a tee on the childrens menu they’re lacking a healthy choice or two when it comes to lunch and dinner options. Now I’m all about eating everything in moderation so I’m more than happy to let Sadie eat a pizza now and again but I’d love there to be a fish or even pasta option just in case your little has already had a treat that week.

Childrens menu additions aside I can confidently say I’ll be back soon to The Waggon & Horses and possibly to try the brilliant coffee and unlimited toast deal before taking the short walk to Milhouses Park which I was blown away by (so was Sadie) it’s changed so much since I went as a child or with Craig to try the Bloom gin which one of the incredibly informed and passionate members of staff told me all about.

How do you find eating out with children?

*My food and Sadies was kindly provided free of charge, all thoughts my own.


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