If you’re a frequent visitor to these parts you’ll know it’s a rarity to see a bit of beauty bumf but don’t let that fool you into thinking I’m not into the minefield that is beauty, that’s certainly not the case especially if you were lucky enough to take a peek into my bathroom cabinet (that bad boy is fully stocked). The reason I rarely post about anything beauty related is that I’m by no means an expert and once I find a product I like, I stick with it to the very end and more often than not repurchase it so it doesn’t make for the most interesting read however a few new buys have made their way into my collection and they’re so good I thought it was time to share.

First up is one of my favourite and most frequently reached for beauty brands Charlotte Tilbury where I’ve picked up not one but two products. I recently visited the counter to pick up a new Bronze & Glow palette after smashing mine to smithereens a lifetime ago and deciding that today was the day I’d get spendy. I was about to pick a new one up when the sales assistant told me the new Instant Look In A Palette was the same price (£49) and included the same bronzer and highlight as well as two blushes and three eyeshadows, after umming and ahhing over the two I decided to go with the look in a palette and boy what a decision I made – I haven’t picked up an eyeshadow since and have been doing my five minute face with it ever since. The mirror is also an absolute God send especially when you’re doing your make-up on the go making this the ideal travel companion or a treat for those who like to keep their make-up bag luxe but minimal. While paying at the till I was given a sample of the Overnight Bronze & Glow Mask – now normally fake tan is something I stay clear of and I’d never dream of using it on my face but this ladies and gents is a game changer. Apply to cleansed skin before bed, making sure to wash your hands afterwards and in the morning you’re left with a sun kissed glow, so much so that Craig commented on my tan! My two favourite things about this can’t-be-without-product is that it feels incredibly moisturising on application plus it doesn’t smell anything like fake tan and when used every 3-4 nights you can easily maintain a healthy could-have-been-away-for-a-week colour. I think a tube of this will be in my beauty cabinet for life, I love it that much.

Another discovery is from a solid, won’t let you down brand and that’s Clinique. In the past this was a brand I’d avoided so it’s refreshing to find so many quality products I enjoy from a brand that wasn’t even on my radar. I love their mascaras and the Take The Day Off balm so when I recently bought replacements I was given a gift with purchase which included a mini Moisture Surge moisturiser. I don’t know how Clinique manage it but this moisturiser feels lightweight whilst still giving my skin the boost of hydration it needs (and it’s oil free!) I guess sampling pays off as once my mini pot was finished I hotfooted it to my local counter to pick up the full size. The other thing I love about this moisturiser is the price, when you’ve been paying £45+ for moisturise giving lotions in the past you’re pretty chuffed with ones costing £34. For the record I’ve got sensitive combination skin and while I can be prone to hormonal breakouts neither this nor the Charlotte Tilbury mask have caused any upset.

Of course I couldn’t talk about my favourite beauty products without giving some love to my fragrance of the moment, the one I reach for daily and feel a little bit lost without when I forget to spritz – step forward the Energy Burst Natural EDP by Neom which does exactly what it says on the beautiful rose gold topped bottle. Now on paper I didn’t think grapefruit, lemon and rosemary would be a scent I’d gravitate towards but it’s intoxicating, I genuinely feel invigorated and uplifted once I’ve spritzed which any mum or tired person will tell you is no mean feat – I’ve even been known to spray this more than once in a day which is practically unheard of with my other fragrances. Next time you’re shopping on Neom or passing a store (Leeds and London) I urge you to give this a sniff and I’ll be amazed if you’re disappointed.

What beauty products are you reaching for right now?


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