Can you believe I’ve never owned a sports bra until about two months ago? Almost twenty nine years on this planet we call Earth and a sports bra has never been privy to my overflowing underwear drawer – if I’m completely honest I thought it was one of those items reserved for serious gym goers with a little more up top but I’ve learnt this couldn’t be further from the truth (even an A cup can bounce up to 4cms during exercise, that’s my wrist well and truly slapped) so I’ve got to say a huge thank you to Wonderbra and the beyond helpful team at Lakeside Village* for showing me the way forward.

The incredibly friendly Tracey fitted me for the Shock Absorber Ultimate Run Bra (which actually won the Best Sports Bra in the Running Awards 2016) and I must confess it’s one of the best bra fittings I’ve ever had – not only did Tracey make me feel immediately at ease with her warm welcoming personality but she really knew her stuff too. I’ve always found bra fittings fascinating and I think my interest stems back to the days when I used to work at GAP, they forever promised to give me the body training so I could fit bras myself but sadly this never came to fruition. When it comes to sports bras I’d definitely say a fitting is the way to go, I found they fit a little different to your normal bra (this one in particular has two fastenings for extra security and runs on the small side) so it’s possible you’ll need a different size to the one you’re used to buying. For me this is the real benefit to buying from Wonderbra Lakeside Village along with the fact that the prices are so much cheaper than the high street, this particular bra was £25 compared to £42 at Debenhams – plus you learn things like the fact this bra will reduce bouncing as much as 78%.

Since my fitting I’ve been wearing my Run Bra and Shock compression leggings at my weekly gym class which sees me doing anything from running to burpees and push presses and I must say both pieces are welcome additions to my gym kit. The leggings make me feel extra streamline and I swear the hexagon detailing makes me go faster while the bra has become a real can’t-be-without essential, everything stays firmly in place which makes a real change from the everyday bra I used to sport (I can’t tell you the number of times I had to readjust between exercises) and after my workout I just throw it all in the wash and everything looks just as pristine as the first time I wore it. My kinda garms’.

While we’re talking classes if you’re Sheffield based and looking for a class that isn’t post natal I’d highly recommend Lucy Locket – not only are her classes incredibly purse friendly but they’re kept small to ensure your technique is on top form. I recently tried a few classes and absolutely loved HIT circuits and Boxercise Blast plus they’re only 30 minutes so practically anyone can make time for them.

PS – I’m proud to say these images truly represent me and haven’t been retouched in anyway, I may not be a Victorias Secret model but I’m more than happy with how my body has changed thanks to exercise. You can read more about my baby weight loss journey here.

*I was kindly gifted the sports bra & leggings, all thoughts my own.


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