Nude Pink Bomber Jacket: Zara
Striped Embroidered Top: Maison Laiche via Smallable
Khaki Casual Trousers: H&M
Navy Gazelles: Adidas

Well hello April! My favourite month of the year is officially here and I couldn’t be more excited, the lambs are frolicking, the blossom is out and my birthday is less than two weeks away – last year of my twenties, here I come. Like anything in life it’s so much harder to do something when you haven’t for a while, I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve sat down to write this post then struggled to find the words so I thought I’d work on the premise of ‘let’s get rambly’ in order to get my first blog post in a while out there. 

I don’t know if it’s the lighter nights or the warmer temperatures we’ve been having but April is always a time where I feel incredibly happy and not just because it’s my birthday month, although that does help – life feels good right now and I feel as though this last year has been a real milestone, not necessarily in a this is your life, look what I’ve achieved kind of way but more in the sense that at almost 29 I know who I am, what I want in life and what’s truly important to me. You didn’t think things would be getting this deep did you? I remember being in my early 20s and reading articles in Glamour where women would say how their 30s are so much better than their 20s and I used to think yeah whatever but now I can actually understand what they’re talking about – yes to less self doubt and more life living. While we’re opening the honesty can of worms I have so many ideas for Cagney and Lace that I need to bring to fruition and just crack on with instead of putting my lightbulb moments into my iPhone notes and leaving them there, this is my space and I’m keen to put a few ideas into play pronto. 

Now we’ve covered the life round up let’s talk clothes and most importantly the fact that I’m not wearing jeans. Jeans are the cornerstone of many a successful wardrobe yet more often than not I find them becoming a bit of a comfort blanket when it comes to not knowing what to wear, factor in an incredibly active toddler and sometimes you just need a break from the sometimes restrictive item of clothing – I know I’m not the only one who throws their joggers on when they know they’re not going out again for the day. After seeing many of my favourite bloggers, namely Alex and Anna rocking khaki pants I raced to the fitting room when I spotted these All Saints (Pure Shores, Never Ever not the store) esque trousers in H&M. As you’d expect from a drawstring waist trouser with super soft peachy feel they’re incredibly comfortable and a little bit effortless which always gets a thumbs up in my book. Teamed with Gazelles and a striped tee it’s not exactly groundbreaking (anyone else thinking Florals for Spring right now?) but aren’t the best outfits a bit basic? The oversized nude pink bomber gives a real sports luxe vibe to proceedings and had it been warmer I think a mule sandal like these I’ve just ordered from Next would have been just the ticket but hey, sometimes you’ve gotta put on the Gazelles and go to the park with the family. 

I hope you’re all loving April as much as me and if you’ve got any thoughts on the whole nearly turning 30 thing I’m all ears.


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