A Few Favourites #1

It feels like a long time since I gathered a few favourites and wrote about them, as I’m sure you’re aware it’s fashion content that reins supreme around these parts but after reading a post by Alice it got me thinking in true Carrie Bradshaw style – while posting outfits and talking about the thought process behind them will always excite me it’s not always feasible. As a home owner and a parent there’s always going to be something that my disposable income needs to be spent on and sometimes that means adding to my wardrobe is put on the back burner. Cagney and Lace will always be my hobby so while I enjoy keeping up to date with my favourite bloggers who are switching their looks up daily the fact is their making a career out of their blogs (and YES that you can do this, go girls) that just isn’t going to be me so by writing this I’m reminding myself that Cagney and Lace is my space to write whatever I please and I hope you all still enjoy the journey as much as me.

February was a month where I spent a fair amount feeling under the weather and understandably whinging as I’m sure my poor husband can attest to. When the chips are down my resolve is to have long steam-up-the-windows-and-mirrored-cabinet bath accompanied by a good book and if I’m feeling fancy a candle so of course I’ve got one of each to tell you about. Jo Malones My Story is one of the most interesting autobiographies I’ve read in a long time, to say I couldn’t put it down is an understatement and it even brought on eye bags as I’d stayed up burning the midnight oil reading it. The woman is nothing short of an inspiration and if you enjoy a book that makes you weep and air punch at the same time then this is one you need in your life. For candles its brand Neom that’s been a firm favourite and in particular the De-Stress scent. Unlike many candles I own (and there’s a lot) these actually burn cleanly and I truly feel relaxed when this little pot of magic has been burning, a tall order for any relaxing product as I’m the epitome of someone who struggles to switch off.

Underwear isn’t usually something I wax lyrical on as I’m not someone who airs my smalls for the world to see but sometimes I make an exception, especially when it’s as pretty as this. When I stopped feeding Sadie last year I was so excited to finally get some nice bras but just like jean shopping, finding underwear that fits is a bloody nightmare. Enter this non padded, underwired lacey number from Victoria Secret which is pretty and surprisingly comfortable. Annoyingly it’s only available to buy online but I promise it’s worth the hassle. February wasn’t all baths and books as I finally got to see La La Land, I’ve already raved about the film on every social platform available so I’ll not over do it but with a gaping LLL hole in my life after leaving the cinema I had to order the soundtrack. The songs are the perfect anecdote to a dreary day and have been keeping Sadie and I (well mainly me) entertained on many a car journey.

Last but by no means least is a recipe favourite in the shape of Jamie Olivers fish pie. I’m sure every household features a Jamie Oliver book or three although I must confess I never use ours preferring to cook solely from my Madeline Shaws books but when I heard of a superfood family offering I had to snap it up. Now I’m the kinda girl who follows a recipe to the letter and if I like the end result it quickly becomes a staple in our dining week and that’s exactly what’s happened with the fish pie. It’s literally the best fish pie I’ve ever tasted. We’ve also tried the chicken goujons which are moorish so I think I need to expand my horizons and keep turning the pages. My friend Claire has recently posted a more in-depth review of cookbooks you need in your arsenal so I suggest you head over to her blog pronto.

What are your favourites right now?


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