Happy New Year gang! We welcomed 2017 in a spectacular laid back fashion with a walk with friends around the Longshaw Estate before heading to the Cricket Inn for an early dinner. Craig, Sadie and I then returned home for what we envisaged would be a quiet night in with our respective drinks of choice and The Revenant (if you haven’t seen it watch it!) Things started sombre until Sadie decided she wanted to party at 2am until gone 5 so today I’m penning this sporting the mother of all headaches and eye bags larger than two totes bags but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Sleepless non-partying nights aside I’ve been itching to put fingertips to MacBook to compile a sort of round up post that wasn’t all about resolutions like keeping up the fitness regime and trying to be organised because let’s be honest, we all strive for that. 2016 was a game of two halves, it was exceptional, heart warming, emotional and incredibly hectic – I married my best friend in a day that truly was the best of life, watched my daughter flourish, turn one and become a personality abundant spirited little soul. We took our first family holiday abroad as a test run before our honeymoon and days before Sadies christening and had our kitchen fully renovated, you can see how things got a touch stressful no? 

Sadly the year was also heart breaking as I lost my nan, a woman who was always a true inspiration and super star to me. My nan was the woman who gave me tips to sleep when I couldn’t, took me to my induction week at primary school and was someone who always listened, forever knowing the right thing to say. I don’t think you ever truly get over losing someone so special but I feel incredibly lucky to have had such a woman in my life and I’m beyond thankful that she was able to meet Sadie and see Craig and I become man and wife. I didn’t plan on this post getting so emotional but isn’t it much easier to type feelings then say them out loud? 

On a much more light hearted and frivolous note I thought it’d be cool to compile a few of my favourite outfits from 2016. Craig and I had a clear out at home just a few days ago which meant I finally tackled my floordrobe/wardrobe and it’s amazing how just a few hours sorting can make such a huge difference (January 2016 me would be so proud). I feel like my style has evolved in this past year and I wonder if it’s down to having Sadie or getting a little older/wiser (delete as appropriate), it’s almost like I’ve developed a Hannah uniform and while I still make the odd fashion faux pas because hey fashion should be fun and we’ve all been there, I think I’m finally honing my shopping skills and I really hope to continue perfecting my craft in 2017. Yes shopping is 100% a craft, don’t scoff. My fashion goal for this year is to continue buying less throw away fashion (see ya random Zara trend led binges) and hello investment buying. I’m starting small focusing my attention on coats and bags as I can’t tell you the number of coats I have in a pile to eBay, if only I’d of bought one Whistles coat instead of two or three cheaper ones.

As with all review posts it’s good to read what you penned the previous year so the one thing that stands out to me when I look back at my Hello New Year: 2016 post is how decidedly quiet my new M&S calendar is looking in comparison. 2016 was full on with huge life milestones happening left, right and centre and while it was a year I’ll treasure forever I’m quite looking forward to taking my foot off the pedal, going with the flow and seeing what this new year has to offer. That said I don’t have to wait too long for an exciting life occurrence as Craig turns 30 on the 4th of January, I think we all know who’s more excited.

What are you looking forward to this year?


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