Leopard Print Coat: H&M
1970 Navy Jumper: Bella Freud via Avenue32
Denim Button Down Skirt: Topshop
Black Opaques: Wolford
Black Petty Ankle Boots: Sam Edelman
Camel & Grey Scarf: Zara

Well hello there, how you doing? I can’t believe how long it’s been since my last post (thirteen days if you’re counting) so I’m incredibly happy to be writing this. Last night I spent an hour reading my favourite blogs which is something I haven’t done in ages and it made me eager to post. It’s crazy to look back and remember how naive I was to think I’d have tons of free time to blog while on maternity leave, sure I may no longer work a conventional 9-5 but my days are more jam packed than ever. If I’m not tending to Sadie then I’m thinking about our wedding, Sadies Christening, work emails and finally ze blog. I get tired just typing it all! While I wouldn’t change it for the world I do worry a blog post about finger foods and nappy movements won’t be interesting but then I remember Cagney and Lace is here to document all aspects of my life – whether it’s groundbreaking or the everyday so here’s to blogging more frequently.

Whether you’re the romantic type or not I personally love to acknowledge Valentines Day, even if you’re single it’s lovely to have a day where you celebrate sharing the love and whilst I know we should do this everyday sometimes we forget (aren’t we a naughty bunch?) Today the family and I took a long walk to Endcliffe Park and back stopping for a marshmallow filled hot chocolate enroute, sadly I managed to spill half of mine just moments after leaving the warmth of Costa – fingers crossed you can’t see the remnants on my well loved Sam Edelmans in these snaps. Maybe that can be my excuse to justify these beauties? It’s really not been my week with liquids as Friday night my car interior was given an unexpected bath with homemade oxtail soup, while no one got to try the fruits of Craigs labour my car smelt delightful.

Today I’m sporting two new wardrobe additions in true 1970s fashion – say hello to my denim button down skirt a piece I’ve coveted since Alexa brought out that AG collection and my Bella Freud jumper which I picked up in the Avenue32 sale not long after I had Sadie – a gift from me to me if you will. Worn together with my faithful leopard print coat (such a good buy) and super snuggly camel scarf, not forgetting the hot chocolate soaked ankle boots I love the simple colour palette of my ensemble. The only thing I’d change? The disheveled, wind swept hair but hey you can’t win them all.

Now before I type too much I’m off to eat a Valentines day meal where pie is the main, my husband to be is the best.

What are you up to this Valentines day? Do you fuse past eras into your everyday style?



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  1. February 14, 2016 / 7:32 pm

    You look fantastic – love the skirt 🙂
    I know what you mean about mat leave, I have a 10 week old – it's definitely harder than I thought though very rewarding!

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