Skincare is one of the most difficult things to get right- up there with choosing the right man friend and securing the perfect job, it’s certainly no easy fate yet when you find the elusive combination all the researching and testing is forgotten. Well ladies (and maybe gents) I think I’ve found my Mr Right Now in the form of Eve Lom cleanser, Elemental Herbology perfect balance moisturiser and acne treatment pads from Cane & Austin.

I’ve been using these little beauties for over a month so I feel it’s time to share with you my thoughts- I bought all three products from a Space NK beauty event. As soon as I returned from the event I raced to the bathroom and began slathering on the Eve Lom cleanser- I should of known then that this would be the beginning of a daily ritual. Described by Vogue as ‘probably the best cleanser in the world’ the Eve Lom cleanser is an oil based cleansing balm with a slightly grainy texture. 

Every evening I use a ten pence piece amount and apply it all over my face- one real benefit for me is that this product is a multi-tasker, not only does it remove your make-up but it tones and exfoliates too. Once the balm is on your skin it becomes a little oiler so it’s really easy to massage into your skin, I then grab a warm muslin cloth and remove the days make-up and general grime. Once removed my skin feels fresh, smoother and really cleansed without feeling stripped. As someone with sensitive skin I’m incredibly wary of using exfoliators too regularly but this just works. On evenings when I have reached for a traditional cleansing milk my skin has felt less refined and nowhere near as clean. I must admit this isn’t my first experience with the Eve Lom cleanser, as a spot prone teen I used this and it helped leaps and bounds.

As soon as I’m all cleansed I reach for the Cane & Austin acne treatment pads. First and foremost I’m not an acne sufferer but I do get more than the occasional break out, usually on my chin and around my jaw line so these were recommended to me. At first I was sceptical, how could a small cotton wool pad soaked in product help to remove blemishes and blackheads? Well they do! Since using these pads I’ve had fewer breakouts and find I only get the odd blemish around that time of month, my skin feels much smoother and blackheads which once plagued my nose are few and far between. 

I began using the treatment pads just in the evening, the salicylic acid can be quite astringent at first and the smell is strong, on many occasions I did wonder why I was sweeping a tingling solution all over my face but I urge you to stick with it. Once I’d been using the pads for about a week or two I found the initial sensation had gone so I upped the ante, using the pads morning and night. I would whole heartedly recommend these to someone who gets more than the occasional break out right up to acne sufferers as they do work wonders. In the pot are enough treatment pads for one month (if used morning and night) so four weeks later I still have a few left. I’m intrigued to see what will happen when I stop using them but I’m confident my skin will stay on it’s best behaviour.

The final piece in my evening skincare jigsaw is the Elemental Herbology perfect balance moisturiser. I don’t know about you but I generally find myself professing early love for moisturisers only to find myself getting half way through them and wondering where all the initial benefits have gone. For once this is not the case with the Elemental Herbology perfect balance moisturiser which professes to balance oil secretion whilst replenishing moisture levels, perfection in a bottle for my combination skin. Texture wise this herbal scented moisturiser is incredibly light yet like the Eve Lom, a little goes a long way. On application my skin finally feels balanced and plumped up, too many times I’ve used moisturisers designed for my combo skin to find the dry patches still dry and the oily bits going crazy with moisture but this really works. With 7 patents, SPF12, 5 anti oxidants and 20 active ingredients including apple serum, green tea and acerola fruit this moisturiser has fast become an item I couldn’t live without plus how sleek does the packaging look? Elemental Herbology is a brand I’ve heard little about but I’m now dying to try some more of their products, maybe I need a serum….

Which skincare products are your powerful 3? Which products can you not live without?

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