Happy Sunday guys! I seriously can’t believe we’re fast approaching the end of November which means Christmas will be upon us before we know it- my how time zooms by. Speaking of Christmas I thought this week would be the one where I start giving in to my Christmas cravings- cue the eating of my first mince pie, more Christmas shopping and the wearing of my Primark reindeer print pyjama bottoms which look like they’ve had a fight with Father Christmas so I bring you this post from a seriously festive place.

As I’m sure you’re all aware last weekend the boy and I were down in London town and after spending most of the weekend in the beautiful and swish part of town we decided to spend Saturday night east. Shoreditch and Old Street tube station will always have a place in my heart as when I was was at uni I did a weeks work experience at the head office of Oasis, think a friendly Devil Wears Prada. This was my first taste of ‘real’ London and living on my own, in a hotel I might add was the best experience. So why go east? Well as an uber organised kinda girl I’d been on the hunt for cool and quirky cinemas to go and see Skyfall at- our choices in Sheffield range from Cineworld to Odeon! On a google quest one day I came across the Aubin cinemas and saw that the infamous Pizza East was nearby too. I’d heard so much about the cool pizza eatery both on blogs and in the press so thought the perfect Saturday evening would be a combination of the two. 

Pizza East reeks of cool from it’s industrial interior with exposed beams and concrete pillars to low mood lighting, throw in some retro tunes (I swear I sung along to some Police) and cool dinners rocking faux leather leggings and Isabel Marant style trainers this place could have you running for the tube wondering if you’ll ever pass the door test…but it doesn’t. There’s a real laid back atmosphere and the crowd was a mixture of birthday celebrations, girls only get togethers and couples enjoying date night. As we didn’t book ahead (so I’m not THAT organised) we enjoyed a couple of drinks before hopping onto our stools once our table was ready- the restaurant is a mix of tables and high chair to bar seating.

Salivating over the menu for just a little too long we finally decided on the red mullet carpaccio as a sharing starter- unexpected and bloomin delicious followed by a veal meatball pizza for the boy and a San Daniele (a type of Italian ham), tomato and pesto pizza for me, plus a butter lettuce and avocado salad to share, what can I say I love my greens. The pizza was utter perfection and the service was spot on, our server hailed from Nottingham and was incredibly efficient. Had we not been dashing off to see Skyfall I could of happily stayed in Pizza East all evening.

Just a hop, skip and a jump from Pizza East is the Aubin & Wills store- if you’re thinking who the devil are Aubin & Wills they’re a more grown up version of their sister brand, Jack Wills. Set below the store is the Aubin cinema and accompanying basement bar which also acts as the ticket exchange. I booked our tickets on-line so just showed a text on my phone to get our tickets- the bar is fully licensed so the boy chose a bottled beer whilst I went for a diet coke, mango sorbet and popcorn (to share)…I’m more of a snacker than a drinker, especially after a few G&Ts with my pizza.

Inside the screening room there’s a mixture of huge velvet armchairs and two seater sofas, even when I booked a few weeks in advance there was just a couple of seats left (the east end crowd clearly enjoy a bit of Bond) so our seats were in the front row but this did mean we got foot stools, in your face to every row behind us! Thankfully we didn’t get neck ache as you’d expect from sitting in the front row as the seats were so huge you could really stretch out. Each seat has it’s own wine cooler and side table perfect for keeping your beverages nice and cool. For me the Aubin cinema experience was grand and I can’t imagine watching Skyfall anywhere else, it was the perfect setting for Adele’s crooning and having a good ol perv on Daniel Craig. If you’ve not been to see it, I urge you to- it’s much better than the last film plus if you are down London town then the Aubin cinema experience is a must.

Have you ever been to Pizza East or an independent cinema? What did you think?

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  1. November 20, 2012 / 9:57 pm

    This all simply looks so COOL! haha Thanks for the tips, I'm excited to visit these places next time I'm in London now! Just started following your lovely blog. xx


    • November 20, 2012 / 11:13 pm

      Aw thank you Fernanda, I'm glad you've enjoyed my post and thank you for the follow! Hope you continue to enjoy my blog.

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