Hat: Topshop
Jumper: Topshop
Coat: Barbour
Leopard Scarf: Topshop
Gloves: Borrowed from dad
Jeans: Oasis
Wellies: Hunters courtesy of mum

THE best way to recover from a hard nights partying is to don your thermals, throw on a wooly hat, pull on those Hunters and hit the great outdoors- exactly what the boy & I did on Sunday. Feeling just a tad delicate from the night before, I dragged my sorry self from my pjs and went on a long country walk and boy was it worth it. I came home feeling refreshed and most importantly, ready to tackle my Sunday dinner. I even burnt off enough calories to put away a piece of homemade treacle tart (that’s what I told myself anyway!)

My favourite part about being outdoorsy is layering up to the max and when the weather turns you certainly rediscover old favourites lurking at the back of your wardrobe- like my chunky leopard print scarf and rust coloured hat from Topshop. I’ll let you all into a little secret about me and hats…..I can never (and I mean never) find a hat to fit my head, I’m talking wooly ones, sun hats, the lot. I often find myself rummaging in the mens department whilst lusting at the pretty, yet tiny womens hats. As you can imagine I have a lot of love for this rust coloured number as it’s one I managed to find in Topshop.

With old favourites come new friends and this berry jumper is no exception- I spied a very stylishly dressed lady wearing this in camel and I knew I had to have it. Fast forward a week and I spot it in my local Topshop in this lovely deep berry shade. It’s the perfect jumper, not too fitted or oversized and it’s incredibly soft, even a little snuggly. The studded neckline is the finishing touch of genius meaning minimal styling is required- ideal for chilled out Autumn days.

Another little beauty I’ve neglected to mention is Kez. Kez is my boyfriends lakeland terrier cross aptly named after the kestrel in the film Kez (a bit of a Yorkshire classic). You can take the boy out of Sheffield… Unfortunately he still lives with the boys parents but as soon as we get our own place, he’ll come and live with us. The boy and I have both been brought up with dogs in our families so I can’t wait to have another roomie when we finally get our own abode… just a shame he can’t contribute to the mortgage.  

What do you wear on adventures in the great outdoors?

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    • November 2, 2012 / 11:00 am

      Ah thank you Lana- if I'm completely honest my walking outfits aren't always so lovingly put together. Often it's just layers upon layers and some of the boys clothes ha but I was just a little excited to wear my new jumper.

      Lovely blog by the way!x

    • November 5, 2012 / 12:09 pm

      Thank you Bella, there's nothing better than being comfy and stylish.

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