I am so full of Sheffield love today! The wonderful Grazia magazine have done a feature in this week’s issue all about my beloved home town, namely ’10 hot things to do in Sheffield’. I am beyond chuffed about this- time and time again magazines cover the same big cities and the mighty Steel City never gets a mention so whoop whoop….fingers crossed anyone who hasn’t visited might now consider a trip.

So back to beauty, as my last make-up post got so much love I thought it was time to do another on the beauty/make-up bus. Right back when I did my first post on my purchases from my trip to Leeds, I purely concentrated on the clothes I bought and failed to mention these beauties below. If you’re anything like me a trip to Space NK is a complete and utter joy although not so much for the purse strings. I find it impossible to leave the store without buying anything especially when the staff are all so friendly and knowledgable about their products- other retailers take note! 

The two products I bought are the Institut Esthederm Adaptasun and the REN Clearcalm Clarifying Clay Cleanser. Why haven’t I mentioned these sooner you may be wondering? Well these have been sat in the uber chic black Space NK bag waiting for a) a holiday and b) a bad skin day. Let me tell you there’s been plenty of those a lately and as for a holiday…did I neglect to mention I’m off to Barcelona with my best gal pal on Bank Holiday Monday? I seriously can’t wait, four days of sun, sightseeing and of course Zara.

The Institut Esthederm Adaptasun is a product I’d never heard of until a previous shopping trip to Space NK- yes it’s addictive. As soon as I got home I began researching the brand and found lots of love for French beauty house particularly from bloggers Ruth and Anna. In simple terms the Institut Esthederm Adaptasun is a suncream which differs from the norm by allowing your skin to adapt to the sun and protect itself instead of just blocking the sun rays in the way a traditional SPF would.

At first I was a little skeptical, a suncream that doesn’t use SPF- how ever will I know which to pick? Thankfully the range comes in varying levels depending on the type of sun you will experience. The lovely girls at Space NK advised me to apply the Adaptasun ten days before my holiday and then to wear whilst in the sun and top up like you would with a regular suncream. My initial thoughts on the Adaptasun is that it has quite a creamy texture and has a lovely scent of perfumed apricots. The real test however will be to see how it fairs in Barcelona….I will certainly report back although one things for sure, it will look fantastic on my towel- the packaging is incredibly simple yet expensive looking. At £42.50 it’s definitely on the pricey side, particularly when you compare this to the usual SPFs but I hope to be amazed.

The second product I had to have was the REN Clearcalm Clarifying Clay Cleanser. Now REN is a brand I knew very little about but I had seen Caroline mention this cleanser on her blog and thought it looked like a bit of a winner. The Ren Clarifying Clay Cleanser is targeted at blemish prone skin and aims to purify the skin, combating the appearance of breakouts to leave skin clearer and calmer. 

I have combination skin which means I usually suffer from an oily t-zone with the odd dry/red patch, usually on my cheeks. As much as I look after my skin I still find myself partial to the occasional breakout, particularly on my chin and around my jaw area. I’d say I’ve used this cleanser about four times so far, certainly not enough to do a full blown review but I definitely feel like this not only soothes my skin but instantly makes it look brighter. I know I’ll be reaching for this more in the next couple of weeks as I prepare to move house- I can sense my skin feeling stressed about this already. One genius thing about this product is the packaging, you can clearly see how much you are using. At £18.00 I feel this is reasonably priced especially for the amount of product you get (150ml).

Have you tried any of the Institut Esthederm or REN range? What are your thoughts on them?

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