Hi and welcome to my blog Cagney & Lace!

After much trepidation I have finally started my own fashion and beauty blog, I was particularly spurred on after receiving some kind words from the rather fab Jen at Little Bird Fashion who basically told me to get a wriggle on and start writing about my passions so here it goes….

Yesterday I took a trip to Leeds with my mum, she’s fast approaching a big birthday so with the promise that I’d treat her to a Harvey Nichs indoor, outdoor lunch she was on board (if you happen to go try a Mint & Apple Ice Tea, they’re delish.)

The first shop we hit was Warehouse and I can safely say the sale lines are slowly retreating and all the new Autumn & Winter lines are starting to take over. I know we’re only just starting to see a Summer but I’m sure I’m not alone when I say that the A&W collections in England are THE best, we know how to make the best coats and cosy knitwear around. So what did I purchase?

This oatmeal and gold foil back jumper which has a touch of the Isabel Marant A&W collection. It has a lovely slouchy casual feel yet the gold back gives it just enough sparkle to keep my magpie like cravings satisfied. I certainly think I’ll be teaming this jumper with my next purchase…

These black coated jeggings which have an almost waxy feel. These certainly don’t look the most exciting but they are a sweet alternative to the American Apparel Disco Pants which everyone seems to be rocking right now, for the record me & my pear shaped bottom do not get on with these! I find Warehouse jeggings fit me really well and have just the right amount of fitted ness to stretch ratio. I can see these becoming a real Autumn Winter staple for me particularly with a striped Breton top or with a oversized chunky knit.

It’s worth noting the sales staff in Warehouse, they were so friendly and helpful and nothing seemed liked too much trouble. They were more than happy to run back and forth from the fitting room grabbing different sizes and even phoning another branch for my mum to track down a dress she was after. I know this may seem like standard practice on the high street but it’s surprising how many retailers get these basics wrong. A huge thumbs up from me to the girls, and guy in Warehouse!

My other purchases came from a shop which needs no introduction….Zara. Oh my goodness they just seem to be so on the money right now, I could literally buy half the store so in my defence just one purchase seems quite constrained. 

As soon as I walked into Zara I spied this beauty and had to track down a sales assistant to find my size as there was just an XS & S left. A short while later the assistant reappeared with the last L and it was love at first try on. This navy coat with embellished sleeves certainly wasn’t the cheapest of pieces (£129, say it quickly) but it just screams me and I know that cost per wear it will almost pay for itself plus I know it will work equally as well with a simple day outfit as it will over a full on evening look.

Have you been working on your Autumn Winter wardrobes this weekend? What have you been buying?

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