Thursday, 28 May 2015

The Charlotte Tilbury Top Up

Ever since my last Charlotte Tilbury haul I've been dreaming of adding to my rose coloured make-up stash so when Harvey Nichols offered a rather wondrous 15% discount on beauty last week I thought it'd be cheeky not to take advantage. Huge props to Harvey Nichs and their super speedy delivery service too, I placed my order on Thursday and received it the following day. My kinda service.

So which items were on my Charlotte Tilbury hit list? The Filmstar Bronze and Glow which has been on my radar since I first tried it in London (just look at those cheek bones) and the Eyes to Mesmerise in Bette, a cream shadow which was not only worn by Sienna Miller at Cannes but looked absolutely babin' on Anna in her recent tutorial. I'd love to be able to give you a mini review of each product but all in good time - so far I've only tested the Filmstar B&G palette and can't get over just how pigmented the bronzy/contour shade is, let's just say a little goes a long way! As for the cream shadow I'm waiting for the right time to crack this out, maybe one for my friends hen party meal next week? I'll be sure to keep you all posted.

Which products from Charlotte Tilbury do you rate? Do you have a lengthy wish list from the beautifully packaged brand?

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Lifestyle: The Baby Shower

I had thoughts of calling this the not so Sunday lifestyle post but that'd be getting a bit wordy wouldn't it? I had all the best intentions of posting yesterday but after a crazy early wake-up time and a mad spare bedroom tidying sesh (told you I was nesting) I was feeling very anti-anything yesterday except the essentials obviously - eating and napping.

On Sunday some of my closest pals organised the baby shower to end all baby showers at my mum and dads abode, while my dad made himself scarce (bless him) baby and I were well and truly showered (excuse the pun) with love, gifts and general loveliness - never in my wildest dreams did I imagine my friends would create such a perfect day, not that I didn't think they had it in them of course. I don't think I've ever felt so overwhelmed with love and support - possibly the soppiest and gushy sentence you'll ever read on ze blog.

The day started with the sweetest mocktails, some in cute glasses and others in mini milk bottles garnished with blueberry and mint ice cubes (how Pinterest?) followed by a wonderful buffet complete with personalised cupcakes which tasted pretty spot on. The rest of the afternoon was a blur of games, photoboothing (why oh why do I not have a Polaroid camera?) and present opening. I even came away with the most thoughtful piece of artwork which the girls created with their finger prints choosing different coloured ink to represent the babys sex, it would seem the majority think I'm having a baby boy! It'll not be long until all is revealed as I'm now 37 weeks pregnant, crazy. I'd like to say a huge thank you to my friends, the mums and sister-in-laws for making Sunday such a special day which I certainly won't forget in a hurry.

Check out more pictures of my baby shower here, what did we do before a hashtag?

Friday, 22 May 2015

Empties #11

Call it the pregnant nester within me but I just can't help organising all my beauty bits at the moment so it was inevitable that an empties post would find its way onto ze blog - goodbye redundant products, see you later empty packaging. I'm sure you all know the drill by now but if you don't an empties post is where I tell you my true feelings on all the products I've recently finished.

Pai Perfect Balance Blemish Serum - This lightweight serum is perfection for those with unruly, blemish prone skin that also experience product sensitivity - I love how gentle all Pai products are. On application this serum quickly disappears into the skin providing the ideal base for moisturisation. While I loved using the Balance Blemish Serum I haven't repurchased, simply because my skin is no longer so spot prone although I definitely think this serum played a starring role in clearing it up.

Aesop Chamomile Concentrate Anti-Blemish Masque - As a huge fan of the Parsley Seed mask (read about it here) I decided to pick up the Chamomile Concentrate as I heard it was a souped up, intense version of the aforementioned yet even as I type I'm sat on the fence. While you see instant, fresh skin results with the Parsley Seed mask I find the Chamomile Concentrate is a slow burner (not literally, don't panic). I used this in areas where I had blemishes and found my skin looked clearer maybe one or two days after application so while the results are there it's certainly not one to pull out before a big event. At £33 it isn't the most purse friendly of masks and even though it has lasted a whole year I don't think I'll be picking it up again.

Pai Geranium & Thistle Rebalancing Day Cream - Finding the perfect day cream used to be a continuous battle (dramatic pause) until now. I've tried many a pricier moisturiser but I'm yet to find one that gives just the right level of hydration to my normal to combination skin like this baby does. The tiniest amount goes a long way and I love how this is not only a great base for make-up but leaves my skin feeling plump and hydrated without being the tiniest bit oily. A forever repurchase. 

Soap & Glory Archery Brow Pencil - And the award for brow game changer goes to...Funnily enough I've heard mixed reviews on this brow pencil but here's my two cents, I cannot get enough. The shade Blondeshell is a great match for my blondie-brown brows (try and say that quickly) and I love how you can create a naturally enhanced look or go all out an attempt a Cara. I've tried quite a few brow pencils from the likes of Space NK and must say this beats them hands down. The only downside? There's just two shades available. Fingers crossed you're one of them.

Soap & Glory Solar Powder and One Heck Of A Blot - Things are getting pretty Soap and Glory centric around here so I'll try and keep this short and to the point. If you're in the market for a new, natural looking bronzer (scowls at Nars Laguna with my fair skin) or a sheer powder that takes that hint of unsightly shine away then look no further than these two compacts. Not only are these amazing for the price (£11 and £12 respectively) but they really do work. As a blogger I should really branch out and try a different setting powder but when I find something I like, I stick with it.  

Bourjois 1, 2, 3 Perfect CC Cream - When Lisa Eldridge raves about a high-street base you run out and add one to your stash. It's rare I find a inexpensive base that floats my boat but Bourjois have got it going on with this natural yet covering base. Take the whole BB, CC thing out of the equation and this product is that tinted moisturiser you've been searching for that actually provides coverage and stays around all day. If you're a foundation gal to the very end but fancy something lighter for Summer then I highly recommend this travel friendly packaged CC cream, you won't regret it. Read my full ode to this ace base here.

Have you ever tried any of these products? Which do you rate?

Sunday, 17 May 2015

Lifestyle: The Sunday Catch Up

With my Sunday outfit posts taking a break until baby Wild arrives I got to thinking (in true Carrie Bradshaw style) what kind of blog post I love reading on a Sunday morn and realised the humble lifestyle, what I've been up to kind of post was my jam.

This week has been my first official week of maternity leave and while I was worried I'd be sat at home twiddling my thumbs I've actually quite enjoyed pottering around the house, getting little bits done here and there, buying all the last bits for my hospital bag and baking. Who'd of thought I'd turn into a domestic goddess, even dirty pots have been getting on my nerves - who am I? 

In terms of baking I've had a mini disaster and a real triumph. The recipes in question? VDM's Cookie Monster recipe and Tanya Burrs Rocky Road 'cos when in doubt look to bloggers for tasty, not so healthy treats. The cookies had all the hallmarks of success until it came down to the fan oven temperature, I could kick myself for not turning things down a touch (220 degrees is way too high) so most came out a bit burnt and crisp but the batter was kick ass so I know these would taste beaut. As for Tanyas Rocky Road, well the proofs in the photography - this is such a simple, stick-it-all-in-a-pan recipe that works! I do think you can taste the dark chocolate though which I'm personally a fan of but if you're not maybe switch it up for lighter chocolate. It does give a rich, velvety taste though which is more than alright by me... is it too early to have a piece?

Today the boys off clay pigeon shooting while I'm getting my Pitch Perfect 2 fix with two of my favourites, hopefully accompanied by one large tub of ice cream. I know where I'd rather be...

Do you love a lifestyley catch up post? Which blogger recipes have you tried? 

Friday, 15 May 2015

New In: The Suede Folk Duffle Bag

You know when you walk into a shop and your eyes meet a particular find that you instantly know will be coming home with you? Well that's exactly how it went down when I popped into Topshop earlier this week to return an item - what a surprise that I ended up leaving with something a touch more expensive #Hannahproblems.

With baby Wilds arrival just one month away today I thought an impractical bag was just what I needed in my life. Jokes aside I'll be carrying around a changing bag full of bambinos bits and bobs so it only seems fair to have small bag specifically for me, right? I'm a little bit into the boho, seventies revival right now and adore the relaxed vibe of this drawstring mini duffle which is made from the fabric of the moment, suede. With it's ethnic/folky pattern and pops of orange I can see this adding a touch of laid back cool to the simplest of ensembles, something which I've no doubt I'll be sporting a lot more of soon. Plus won't this just look amazing with half of my recent Wednesday wish list? I rest my fashion case.  

Have you been falling head over heels for seventies inspired accessories?  

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

The Wednesday Wishlist #20

It's been a long time since I online window shopped so it feels pretty good to put together this collection of Summer wardrobe pieces that I'm lusting after. With baby Wild due in just four weeks now seems like the perfect time to start dreaming of my mum-to-be capsule collection aka how I spend my maternity leave. The only question left unanswered? When does one make a mammoth online order?  

(L-R) Mango Suede Jacket £89.99 - So I may have already succumbed to this rusty suede jacket, I blame ASOS for the discounts that landed in my inbox this morning. While suede is up there as a nightmare material to clean (can you imagine this with a newborn?) I just had to up my cover up game and make this jacket mine.

Cut Out Circle Necklace £19 - I've always hankered after bold, statement pieces so this cut out necklace is a real departure from my usual style but after spotting Lily wearing this layered up with a few other delicate necklaces in her vlog I was sold. If only there was a Cos store nearby *sad face*.

Plunge V-Neck Cami £16 - Basics are something I've been coveting more often as I'm finally realising the worth of simpler pieces in ones wardrobe, essential for a reformed pattern obsessive like myself. I love this rich blue hue and think it'd look awesome with my next pick.

Tropical Cotton Trousers £28 - As soon as the suns out I crave florals and more specifically floral trousers. This pair from Dorothy Perkins are a dead ringer for this pair from Reiss and are a fifth of the price. Sure they've got a white background but I find bold patterns hide a multitude of sins, namely food stains #messyeaterproblems.

Leather Roman Sandals £39.99 - These may or may not already be winging their way to me after I saw Mel sporting these very sandals. I've been wanting to get a new pair of nude, go-with-everything sandals for a while and this lace up pair may just be the ones. Fingers crossed they're not too flat.

Porcelain Print Jumpsuit £65 - I'll be amazed if I can wear anything so delicate and almost pyjama like again with a small baby enroute but if the opportunity did arise I'd be wearing this jumpsuit in a heartbeat. I love the delicate pastel pattern and can imagine this working just as well with heels and blazer at a Summer wedding as it would with flat sandals for a countryside picnic.

Suede Wrap Pencil Skirt £85 - While off the shoulder peasant tops might not be my seventies jam suede most certainly is. I love how Oasis have gone for one of my favourite neutrals, khaki to bring their suede collection to life. If only I had an excuse to buy this sophisticated co-ord... Any ideas?

Tall Printed Shirt Dress £19.99 - I'm forever seeing great pieces from New Look pop up on blogs but rarely venture in store myself so I love that ASOS not only stock their garms but have a tall range too. This shirt dress would be a super cute throw on and I think this teeny ditsy print could easily be inspired by some seventies curtains I once knew. Love.

Stone Necklace £17 - Marble is everywhere right now and while I own a marble inspired ring I'm yet to fall for the charms of a necklace, until now. Like the cut out circle necklace this triangle number comes on a longer chain, perfect for layering and keeping away from a little one. Need.

Which pieces are you currently adding to your Summer wardrobe?

Sunday, 10 May 2015

A Living Room Overhaul

Since buying our cottage nearly two years ago the renovation process can only be described as a labour of love - while we knew our home needed some serious TLC we never dreamt how much blood, sweat and tears it'd actually take. Today I can happily say we're pretty darn pleased with every room in the house, there's just the kitchen left for us to make our mark on but as they say, Rome wasn't built in a day. I know it's rude to pick favourites but I'd be lying if I said the living room wasn't my favourite right now, it's undergone a huge transformation and I couldn't be more proud particularly as it's the room we spend the most time in. Damp proof courses, new fireplaces and French doors aside the rest was purely cosmetic.

After our amazing joiner made us new doors for the cupboard under the stairs and built shelves in our alcoves to host our TV, books and keepsakes we got to painting in Farrow & Balls Skimming Stone before moving on to lighting. As much as I tried to buy purse friendly options we found ourselves investing in these antique brass wall lights, finding aesthetically pleasing wall lighting is no mean feat #cottageproblems. We also plumped for the Zella floor lamp although it's a tad more gold than the antique brass we hoped for but hey, we quite enjoy the eclectic mix of metals. The piece de resistance in our newly transformed living room? Our new pieces of furniture from Loaf, after much deliberation in their London showroom (read all about it here) we settled on the Cloud four seater and love seat, the Wally rug and the Bumper footstool with cheeky hidden storage, perfect for hiding a naughty Kez - I jest, I jest.

Like any home it's the personal pieces and finishing touches that really make a space your own, shout outs to our engagement photographs, Rob Ryan vase and Bernie the bear, also known as one individual footstool. Don't get me wrong I'd switch up our curtains for wooden shutters in a heartbeat, make our shelves a tad more Pinterestable (there's overcrowding in the book department) and I'd add this side table into the fray but right now I'm seriously happy with our lot.

What do you make of our newly overhauled living room? 

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