My Everyday Uniform

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Personalised Seberg Striped Top: Mon Breton
Lucas Boyfriend Jeans: Topshop
Kylie Backless Loafer: Topshop
When I overhauled the design of Cagney and Lace I decided it was also time to refresh the words in my about section which led me down a path of discovery as I got to thinking about what my blog is all about, can you tell I've been watching Sex and the City reruns again? After very little thought the words just came to me, Cagney and Lace combines my love of fashion with the everyday and I think todays post epitomises those words exactly. Some days I frantically search my floordrobe before retreating to my actual wardrobe all with the help of an incredibly cute, always well turned out Sadie, after the rest of the hanging clothes end up on the floor I retreat to my old favourites a striped tee, a pair of jeans and the backless loafers that rarely leave my feet. Well there's only so long an almost fourteen month old will watch you try outfits on for.

In sheer contrast to my last outfit post this completely casual, laid back ensemble is one of my go to looks 'cos sometimes you just don't know what to wear and let's be honest, when would a stripe ever let you down? Now I've gone through my fair share of breton striped numbers but this is possibly my favourite, unequivocally down to the fact its embroidered with my initials, which you can just make out in the third picture. For me Mon Breton can do no wrong, I mean who doesn't want their striped tops to be personalised plus I love how these works of art are truly French as they're lovingly made in Brittany and then stitched in Blighty. As everyone knows a breton stripe is a sure fire way to look pulled together while making minimal effort which is why its such a staple piece in my wardrobe. Thrown together with my trusty Lucas jeans, which have that whole boyfriend meets girlfriend jean vibe down although word to wise if you're thinking of buying a pair, size down as these super soft babies give like nobodies business.

Finally we've got to talk footwear and the shoes of the moment, loafers. In case you've been hiding under a Gucci shaped rock you'll know how the humble buckle adorned shoe is having a real moment right now - the ultimate man repelling loafer that your mum used to sport on the school run is back and I can't get enough. I picked my backless option up from Topshop who are in the words of my friend Claire, on fire right now and while I worried at first about how much I'd wear them and if they were truly me they're now the first pair of shoes I pick as they go with everything. Now if I didn't have a new kitchen to pay for I'd be seriously tempted by a red Gucci pair, especially after watching Lizzys video but for now I'll just dream.

What's your everyday uniform?

Autumnal Wardrobe Wishing

Sunday, 21 August 2016

Velvet Trousers / White Leather Gazelles / Contour Knit / Pleat TrousersDaisy Dress / Gold Ballerinas / Leopard Ballerinas / Wool Cardigan / Black Loafers

When it comes to my wardrobe I've never been much of a planner, I've always been the girl who picks up pieces as soon as I see them to later end up with tops and dresses that only see the light of day a handful of times. Fast forward a pregnancy, the arrival of Sadie and some serious hard work shifting my baby weight and you have a changed woman, well almost. While I'm still into picking up a different less wearable piece now and again (they don't call me the magpie for nothing) I'm now a lot more considerate in my shopping and building the ultimate Autumn capsule wardrobe is getting me excited for rusty leaf lined walks, Strictly Come Dancing and all of the pies.

Now it may seem a little presumptuous planning my seasonal get up in August but everyone knows all the best Autumnal garms start hitting the shops now, you've been warned. For the upcoming season I'm coveting sumptuous fabrics like velvet, wool and sheeny, jewel toned metallics. Denim will still be at the forefront of my wardrobe (the more frayed the hems the better) along with leather because you can't do Autumn without a good leather mini in your arsenal. Another Autumn Winter favourite you're guaranteed to find in my wardrobe is leopard print, I've already got a pair of ankle boots and a wannabe wool coat from years gone by but maybe a pair of ballet flats and a faux fur coat circa Bet Lynch wouldn't go amiss. 

The high street is awash with Gucci inspired shoes and I couldn't be happier as there's at least three pairs I need to add to my shoe collection. As for the perfect transitional look I'm hoping to add this daisy print dress to my wardrobe (fingers crossed it's a baby friendly length) perfect with Gazelles and a leather jacket now and with a chunky knit, black opaques and ankle boots come the first frost.

Have you started planning your new season wardrobe? What do you make of my picks?

Wearing My Sunday Best

Monday, 15 August 2016

Lace Fluted Sleeve Top: Topshop
Double Strap Cami: Topshop
Premium Suit Trousers: Topshop
Madness Grey Mules: Office
Hibiscus Blossom Bag: Mulberry
Rayban Round Metal Sunglasses: Sunglass Hut*
For me Sundays are all about the laid back life - family walks, leisurely breakfasts that become brunches and necessary errands (hello wash basket) but sometimes the seventh day of the week has a fancier line up that requires more than just my favourite jeans. Yesterday Craig, Sadie and I donned our Sunday best and dived into the car with our toast in hand (peanut butter for the girls and jam for Craig) as we made our way over to Doncaster to celebrate our God son Henrys christening. It's rare that team Wild are up, dressed and out of the house for 9.25am on any day of the week, let alone a Sunday so you know it was a seriously special occasion. After my personal shopping sesh in Topshop I had my outfit hanging on the front of my wardrobe which FYI is the ultimate time saver (wouldn't it be ace if every morning was like that?) and I must admit this is one of my favourite ensembles ever. The coral pink suit trousers make me feel far cooler than I am and the cut of these trousers is second to none - I've now seen there's a matching jacket and my god do I want it. How fly would it feel to own not only my first suit but a pink one? I need it right?

The lace fluted sleeve top is another absolute dream of a piece, I tried this in store with skinny jeans and the studded Amy boots and it looked just as on point as I think it does with these smart trousers. The flared sleeve makes me feel part Kate Bush part Austin Powers and who wouldn't want to feel like such swooshy sleeve royalty? To maintain my modesty I paired this with a cami as who in the right mind wants things to look chesty in church? While we're on the subject of being appropriate let's discuss acceptable church attire, with another christening taking place at the same church I noticed a few questionable outfits which makes me wonder whether my Sunday best view is becoming archaic? I might sound old fashioned but I believe you should say see ya to knees and boobs when in church. Tell me you agree? With a toddling bambino in tow my footwear has to be the type you can run in so with Gazelles out of the question my Office mules came out to play again. I literally cannot sing the praises of these babies enough, not only do they look chic but they're so damn comfortable. 

Thanks to the sun rays the afternoon was renamed iced latte o'clock, presenting the perfect opportunity to pull out the Raybans*. I can't tell you how long I've admired the Rayban brand for yet I've never been able to find a pair that suits me, until the new round mirrored style were introduced to Sunglass Hut that is. These rose gold babies let me pretend I'm some sort of rockstar and who wouldn't be ok with that?

What's your thoughts on dressing in church? What do you make of my Topshop heavy attire?

*PR Gift.

My Topshop Personal Shopper Experience

Saturday, 13 August 2016

If someone had to plan my ideal morning they wouldn't go far wrong with a private fitting room with a rail full of carefully curated clothes, add my beautiful daughter Sadie a latte and some fancy poached eggs with avocado and you'd have my perfect AM. Minus the fodder my Friday morning at Topshop Meadowhall couldn't have been more spot on. To give you some background I've always been a Topshop princess particularly in my teen years (it's where most of my wages and student loan went) but over the past few years I've found shopping in my once, go to store frustrating. As a late twenty something mum I don't want to buy bum skimming garms or anything remotely body con and don't get me started on crop tops. While I'll forever applaud Topshop for making pieces that every girl wants it's somewhere I can find difficult to shop so when I found out about the personal shopping service at Meadowhall thanks to a Mama Social event I had to check it out. Side note, if you're a momma and live in Sheffield you'll LOVE Mama Social.

Lucy is the super lovely stylist at Meadowhall who not only knows her step hem jeans from her skinnys but is also X Factor styling alumni, how cool? Prior to our appointment I emailed Lucy to tell her about the pieces I was looking for and most importantly my size. Topshop offer a number of different appointment you can choose from but for my first appointment we kept things pretty casual especially as Sadie was coming with me too. The objective? An outfit for my soon-to-be God sons christening. So how did we get on? Absolutely swimmingly, Lucy completely got my style and not only managed to pull things I'd pick myself but also a few pieces I wouldn't, but adored as soon as I tried them on. For me this is my absolute favourite thing about using a personal shopping service as it encourages you to try pieces you might never have considered before. It's also great to have a fashion sounding board, I predominately shop on my own or online and sometimes I just need that vital second opinion - one thing that I found invaluable about Lucy was how she could immediately tell if I felt comfortable in a piece or not (I clearly give off signs!) While some may think I'm crazy to take my thirteen month old with me I actually found the whole experience a great way to shop with Sadie as there was plenty of space, a huge fitting room and a seating area giving Sadie plenty of room to explore and your own private till which means no queuing with a baby that's lost the shopping will. Not forgetting to mention the very welcome addition of elderflower cordial and lemon drizzle cakes which as anyone knows are absolute essentials when shopping with a little. Lucy is incredibly laid back and there's absolutely no obligation to buy anything (especially if you're not going to get your wear out of a piece) however we all know how I love to shop.

So let's talk about the damage, I bought a cream lace top and pink trousers for my soon-to-be God parent duties (see the outfit post here), two pairs of jeans - a frayed hem pair of Jamies (seen above) and a stepped hem pair of Orsons (see here), the Givenchy inspired Amy boots (which I spoke about here), a black tee and a silk bomber jacket inspired shirt (seen in the second photo). Let's just say I'll not be shopping for a little while! That said I must say it's actually quite nice buying clothing in bulk instead of my usual spending £40 here and there as not only does this add up at an alarming rate but it often means I buy pieces that don't work together. At least now I can mix and match items until my hearts content, that's what I'm telling myself anyway.

Have you ever used a personal shopper? Would you use the service at Topshop?

The Five Beauty Buys I Can't Be Without

Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Beauty posts are few and far between around these parts especially since I've had Sadie, what can I say? I've got my make-up routine down, read I throw my make-up on my face as fast as I can before Sadie wants to hold my make-up brushes but sometimes a new product, or two come along that are worth sharing, throw in a few old favourites and you've got my five beauty buys that I can't be without.

Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue in Vanilla - If glow giving bases that you can slap on with your fingers are your kind of thing then you'll dig this lightweight complexion even-outer from Bare Minerals as much as me. I love how a little goes a long way and how quickly you can achieve fresh faced (almost) perfection. Day to day I don't reach for anything else.

NARS Creamy Concealer in Vanilla - After having a brief dalliance with the Urban Decay naked skin concealer and the Make-up Forever full cover concealer I'm back to my hide anything knight in shining armour from Nars. I've spoken about this favourite before (here, here and here) so I'll not drone on, all I'll say is that if you're looking for a new cover all I'd suggest this in a heartbeat.

BECCA Shimmering Skin Perfector in Moonstone - Think highlighters and I'm pretty sure BECCA will be the first high end brand that comes to mine. After reading a number of rave reviews I succumbed and purchased the powder version, for the record I like it but it's not a patch on the liquid version*. I've worn this mixed in with my base (a little too glowy for everyday) and just on the high points of my face for a pretty, more wearable look. My make-up just isn't complete without it.

Max Factor Creme Puff Blusher in Seductive Pink - Ever since Ruth recommended the Max Factor creme puff blusher I haven't looked at another blush since. I've been using the nude mauve pink for months and a few weeks ago I added seductive pink to my stash. It's got a really natural brightening quality and even when you've not had enough sleep (baby problems) you can look pretty perky with a swirl of this finely milled favourite.

Delilah Brow Line in Ash - For as long as I can remember I've been loyal to Soap & Glory's Brow Archery but ever since I got this as a gift with purchase from Space NK I've been smitten and I've even received brow compliments. Brow Line is literally the most fitting name for this product as the nib is incredibly fine which means you can give colour to even the tiniest of brow hairs. I doubt I'll be giving another brow product a look in again.

Which beauty buys can't you be without? Do you love any of my faves?

*PR Sample.

Jeans, A Tee And A Baby

Sunday, 7 August 2016

Slogan Tee: Whistles exclusively for ASOS
Stepped Hem Orson Jeans: Topshop
Madness Grey Mules: Office
Tortoise Shell Sunglasses: Tom Ford
Sadie is wearing a Baby Boden vest and a H&M all in one

So the title might be a touch misleading because not only is there jeans, a tee and a baby but a balloon too which isn't just an entertainment aid for my thirteen month old but a celebratory birthday gesture for Cagney and Lace as last Saturday C&L turned four. I'm so proud to say I've been blogging for over four years, I can't think of any hobby that's lasted so long except for piano playing but I didn't really enjoy that towards the end (sorry mum and dad!) Cagney and Lace began as a way for me to keep my toe in the fashion arena as I decided to change career path and I love how it's evolved into an almost online diary, albeit a stylish one (I hope?) To celebrate I've given Cagney and Lace some much needed R&R and I hope you'll agree she's looking pretty snazzy and a lot more profesh. I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments...

Celebrations aside lets talk about how I almost had all of my wardrobe on the floor, bed and on top of the floordrobe this morning when I spotted the sun had made another appearance. Now don't get me wrong I love me some sunshine but it's not half difficult to dress for when you have an on the move baby to look after - my once faithful sundresses make me feel incredibly exposed not to mention the body maintenance to wear one of said dresses. After trying on almost my entire clothing stash I resorted to a Cos dress I've had for yonks for an al fresco dining sitch at my parents abode before coming home and changing into jeans and a tee because didn't it get real windy? I've had my Whistles tee for quite a while now but this is its Cagney and Lace debut, as with all Whistles jersey you really do get what you pay for and while I might wear this tee with everything from a leather pinafore dress to grey jogging bottoms its definitely still the softest thing I own.

My jeans and mules are both purchases initiated by Lucy, the personal stylist at Topshop Meadowhall. I don't want to waffle on for too long about this as I'm planning a separate post all about my experience but I will say I'm thrilled to own a pair of stepped hem straight legs. I've been eyeing up this style of jean for so long but hadn't taken the plunge/found a pair that suited me so all hail the joys of someone pulling clothes for you. If you've peeked in the description box you'll notice these mules aren't actually Topshop but are from Office - within five minutes of meeting Lucy I was asking where her shoes were from so you can imagine my delight when I discovered they were just £28.50 on offer and real suede. Two hours later and a quick Office dash with a sleepy Sadie and they were mine. Don't you think they just add a little somethin' somethin' to a simple outfit? I love them. While we're on the subject of newness I ought to mention my recently refreshed locks, I usually hate my hair straight but it's actually growing on me, who'd of thought it? Things are a little shorter and I no longer have ghastly roots so hooray for Jennie at Volt

Now I must dash as I'm dying to watch The Hills: That Was Then, This Is Now programme with the one and only LC before I find myself using matchsticks to prop my eyes open. Wish me luck.

Have you been enjoying the sunshine this weekend? Fingers crossed you haven't been struggling with what to wear too.

The Wear Anywhere Jumpsuit

Friday, 5 August 2016

Slouch Pocket Jumpsuit: Topshop
Navy Striped Top: Topshop
Navy Adidas Gazelles: JD Sports
Hibiscus Blossom Bag: Mulberry
Rose Gold Watch: Olivia Burton via ASOS
I'm finally sitting down to write this post after the worlds most epic tidy up thanks to what I like to call hurricane Sadie - what is it with almost-toddlers wanting to get out every single toy they own and then strategically placing them all over the house like something out of Hansel and Gretel? The best part is I know I'll perform this exact routine at least twice again tomorrow and there's guaranteed to be at least one casualty, usually involving one of my feet. Mum life parked lets talk clothes and more importantly about my newly acquired jumpsuit which I'm dubbing the most versatile one piece to ever grace my wardrobe, and it's black. 

If you've loved me long time or are just a regular Cagney and Lacer *waves* then you'll know I just don't do black unless it's for a funeral and even then I'm more likely to wear navy so I shocked myself when I gravitated towards this jumpsuit in my local Topshop. My experience went a little something like this, oooh that's pretty, but you never wear black, does it come in any other colours? No its just in black, hmmm, maybe I'll just leave it, but I can't, I love it, well I'll just try it and see. After standing in my underwear for longer than necessary, trying to get my head around how you try it on when there's no zip (yes this really did happen) my brain finally kicked in and as soon as I shimmied into it I realised it had to be mine. I loved the nonchalant not too baggy, yet not too tight fit and how I could style it with everything from heels and a clutch on nights out (you know those ones I go on all the time) to the more likely, everyday styling scenario with plain or stripy tees paired underneath - add a pair of trainers or sliders and you're good to go. The deal maker? The ever so peachy, soft to touch material, you know the one. Oh and the fact it was £42, practically a steal in Topshop.

To test my versatility theory I threw this on in a we-should-have-left-the-house-ten-minutes-ago panic for a morning out at Yorkshire Sculpture Park with my bud/amazing mummy blogger Claire and our two bambinos - think sheep poo, baby poo, grassy terrains not fit for prams but heaps of giggles (read Claires account of the day here) before heading back home for a quick shoe change and taking a journey out to Buxton with Sadie and Craig to finalise our kitchen design. After lengthy discussions over handles and worktops (it had to be done) we jumped back in the car for dinner with the in-laws stopping in Castleton enroute for a mint choc chip ice cream (it had to be done). With all this in mind I can safely say my outfit of the day was tested to the max and despite switching up my footwear (socks in August are just a no go) it was a sure fire hit with the exception of the super peachy soft material, damn that stains like a bitch - toddler or no toddler, be aware. Material aside I'd buy this again in a heartbeat and I can see this being a fixture in my wardrobe for years to come, a phrase I often utter only to take back two months later. I think this one might just stand the test of time.

What do you make of my wear anywhere jumpsuit? Is there any colours you usually veto? 


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