Sunday, 31 August 2014

Jumpsuits Made Autumn Appropriate

Rose Gold Necklace: & Other Stories
Aztec Jumpsuit: c/o George at Asda*
Leather Jacket: Zara
Alexa Satchel Bag: Mulberry
Rose Gold Sandals: Faith c/o Debenhams
As you read this I'll be running around my house like a headless chicken packing for my long awaited, definitely ready for vacay. So. Excited. Craig, myself and two of our faves are flying to Sardinia on Monday morning and I really can't wait. It's the latest that we've ever holidayed and I must confess it once felt like a lifetime away but now it's here I can't wait for ten days of relaxation. As a super organised individual (who'd of thought it?) I have got a few posts scheduled while I'm away so you won't miss out on general Cagney and Lace-ness. I would tell you all to get on over to my Insta for regular updates but the place we're staying in has zero wi-fi, I can't wait to switch Twitter for a paperback or five. 

With Autumn officially making it's bed and lying in it I've found myself pulling out black opaques, my leather skirt and a knit most mornings, can you tell I've been feeling the cold? That said I really shouldn't be letting Summer go so easily, enter my solution - take something that screams Summer and give it a seasonal appropriate twist. Sure this aztec print jumpsuit would look awesome on my Sardinian jaunt thrown over a bikini but it doesn't look too shabby here paired with my leather jacket, a pair of sandals and a ties-everything-together necklace, agreed? Perfect for when the sun pops out and then disappears into an abyss, common place this last week. George at Asda have been coming up fashion trumps for years but right now they've got it goin' on, plus clothes shopping with the food shop is never wrong. 

If the rain did decide to rear its grey head I'd switch the sandals for a pair of well loved Converse and throw a lightweight knit on top of proceedings to keep the chill out, so next time you think about packing away your Summer wares see if things can get transitional first. Something I'll not have to worry about in Sardinia. Sorry guys, it had to be done.

Can you believe this jumpsuit could be picked up with your weekly shop? Are you styling Summer pieces to make them Autumn appropriate?

*This jumpsuit was kindly sent to me by George at Asda.

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

When Topshop Invaded My Wardrobe

It seems like an age since I last shopped but that may have something to do with a hefty Topshop spree that went down a few months back which has made a huge dent to my bank balance. I must stress I didn't pick up all these beauties in one trip, it was more like three (oops) so without harping on about the wonderfulness that is the Autumn Topshop collection lets talk clothes, and shoes.

My best bargain of the bunch ladies and gents - say hello to the jester kitten heels which I'd been lusting after ever since they made their Topshop debut, yes I stalk the new in section. After declaring I couldn't justify a pair of occasional, £58 faux snakeskin pumps I was elated to find these in the sale, on their own, in my size for £30. Clearly it was meant to be. I haven't worn these yet but as they're such a classic style I know they'll be in my wardrobe for many seasons to come plus how perf will they look with an oversized sweater and a pair of slouchy boyfriend jeans? Cagney and Lace promise you'll be the first to see them styled up.

Yes it's the Beyonce dress. Didn't my mum do a wonderful job of finding this and the next buy in the last chance to buy Oxford Street section? Bravo momma! I've coveted this dress for longer than I care to remember, are you sensing a pattern? I'm not always the first to the till and slowly realised I needed this in my wardrobe not long after this stripy affair had sold out everywhere so it really was fate when this was discovered. Not to bang the classic drum but this offering really is one that'll never date. I've sadly only worn this once so far (take a peek here) but I'll be taking this to Sardinia with me so keep your peepers peeled for a holiday style round up on my return.

I may have a couple of leather jackets in my repertoire but suede ones I do not. Enter this suede biker jacket which I first spotted on Amelia, immediately making a mental note that it was something I'd like to own. Fast forward a couple of months and there's my mum saying 'this jacket's nice' in that now infamous last chance to buy section, somewhere I usually avoid like the plague. This was certainly no cheap, throw away purchase and although it's not one to sport in the rain (always a good quality for a jacket to have in England) it's still become one of my favourite jackets. As a fair skinned, light haired gal I find black jackets can look harsh against my skin tone which just further fuels my love for this grey/charcoal, super soft biker. Come on Autumn, I'm ready for you. 

Since there's been a huge last chance to buy movement around these parts I thought it was only fair to round things up with some new season pieces with ready to buy availability. Introducing my new jacquard A-line skirt and knitted ladder detail top which in my eyes are Autumn personified. The colours, the textures and the ability to add black opaques mean we're well and truly in next season territory and I'm more than ok with this, my fast approaching holiday certainly helps too (can you tell I'm excited?) Patterned skirts are such an easy to style item as with just one zip they do all the hard work for you, on the reverse is this ladder detail knit which I must confess is a tad out of my comfort zone. As a general rule of thumb I don't do cut outs anywhere near the bust but something about this jumper lured me in and I'm so glad it did. I've since spotted this on Frankie from the Saturdays so clearly great minds think alike.

Which shops invade your wardrobe? Have you started collating your Autumn wardrobe?

Thursday, 21 August 2014

48 Hours In Ibiza Blogger Challenge With Swimwear365

2014 is the year of September sun - Summer may have left the building in the UK but in Europe, well that's another matter. Ibiza is one place I've been lucky enough to visit many moons ago, while the other half could take or leave it I was absolutely enthralled. There's just a vibe, a feeling about the place if you will that entices you from the moment you arrive. Fingers crossed I can swiftly return with the the help of those babes at Swimwear365 who are running one awesome blog competition.

Fancy seeing how I'd spend 48 hours in Ibiza? Well what are you waiting for...

After touching down in Ibiza Town (Kanye reference ya'll) I'd head off to the one hotel that's on everyones lips, Uschuaia. DJs playing while you lounge on a huge bed, catching some rays and reading the book that every blogger and their dog has an opinion on? Yes please. Uschuaia is said to be the place to be seen and while I'm no poser I sure enjoy a spot of people watching behind my RayBans. I'd wear this ombre bikini to help me blend into my surroundings seamlessly (just call me Harriet the spy), a pair of thong sandals with a hint of somethin' somethin' and I'd carry this huge F bag incase I drunk a few too many cocktails and forgot my surname. Handy huh? I jest, I jest.

As finding that happy balance between golden goddess and lobster is a constant life struggle (fair skinned problems) I'd leave Uschuaia late in the afternoon and refresh before hollering a taxi with just one destination in mind, Cafe Mambo. Sure sunsets might be decent in other parts of Ibiza but nothing beats CM. The food is tasty, the mojitos fresh and that sunset is like nothing else. Outfit wise I'd go with this neon and leopard print number in case I fancied an evening dip before throwing on the most blogger worthy dress. How cute is that camera print? Lilac Converse would be my footwear of choice as once the sun had set I'd hit an Ibiza Rocks gig, preferably Bombay Bicycle Club and no one wants their feet standing on. Am I right? Open air concerts are the bomb and I bet there'd be an after party too...

Abandoning the inevitably heavy head I'd devour poached eggs with avocado and chilli on toast before dashing down to the marina to get our yacht/speed boat, vessel dependent on how delicate I was feeling. This multi coloured bikini would be the order of the morn while I sunned on the deck talking last nights antics. Our destination for the day? Santa Eulalia. I hear Santa Eulalia is simply breathtaking and it's an area of Ibiza I've never visited. To explore I'd don a pair of Birkenstocks and this cute as a button shirt dress for a day and night of taking in the Ibizan culture, exploring the vintage shops (well you've got to take a memento or five home) and perusing the hippy market before dining at a tasty establishment. Santa Eulalia is said to be the culinary capital of Ibiza, something I certainly want to be a part of.

Forty eight hours in Ibiza, would said that was enough?

How would you spend 48 hours on the white isle? Which Swimwear365 bikinis would you sport?

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

The Sam Faiers Sexy Lace Collection For Ann Summers

One thing no one really talks about is bras, fact. It's crazy how such an unsung fashion hero is rarely discussed especially when a well stocked lingerie drawer is the backbone to any successful wardrobe, yet owning such a drawer is usually just a dream. Finding the perfect fitting bra can be an absolute nightmare (especially when your size is incredibly popular) similar only to tracking down a pair of jeans that make your bum look amazing without costing the earth (the search continues) but I may be able to point you in the right direction when it comes to bras.

Ann Summers* have teamed up with the beautiful Sam Faiers to create the Sexy Lace collection where styles are pretty and functional without being too in-yer-face-sexy. Sound dreamy? Then get to grip with your new fashion foundations.

The Sexy Lace Padded T-Shirt Bra is my favourite pick of the bunch. With its moulded padding and seam free design it's barely detectable under clothing so it's ideal paired with something fitted like a body-con dress or as the name would suggest, with a t-shirt. This will be a dream on holiday worn with the countless Topshop cami tops I've picked up. Result.

I don't know what came over me choosing this Sexy Lace Balconette Bra in red but boy is it a flattering shade on my pale skin tone. I often find balconette bras a tricky style to work on me but if you love a lifted look that isn't so pushed together, look-at-me then this style is the one you need. In summary it's ideal worn with low, square necklines for a full but natural look.

Easily the most impractical, but arguably the prettiest bra in the collection step forward the Sexy Lace Underwire Bra. Sure no-one is going to be rocking this one for day time but for an evening out under something slightly sheer this pick gives you a boost of confidence without going boob overboard. My kinda bra.

Finally the Sexy Lace Plunge Bra is the lazy girls dream, with it's removable padding it's your go to for day to night wear - ideal if you're going out straight from work. This offering gives you a serious boost whilst allowing you to go for that plunging neckline top or dress should you wish.

Do you find it a challenge matching your lingerie to your clothes? What do you make of the Sexy Lace collection? 

*All four bras were kindly sent to me by Ann Summers. All opinions my own.

Sunday, 17 August 2014

Sunday For One

Stripe Long Sleeve Tee: Hush
Rose Gold Necklace: & Other Stories
Black Ceramic Watch: Michael Kors
Maysa Skinny Jeans: Whistles
Rose Gold Sandals: Faith c/o Debenhams*
Alexa Bag: Mulberry
Tortoiseshell Sunglasses: Tom Ford
Solo Sundays are pretty rare around these parts but when the boys (Craig and the pooch) had plans in the diary with poppa Wild it was my time to shine aka run a few errands, generally potter around and visit the newly returned from holiday rents, how beaut is their new front door colour? With a new candle to add to my stash and a tin full of Swiss chocolates, thanks ma and pa, I returned home to find my washing soddened. Damn you unpredictable weather, where has that thing called Summer gone? Right now it seems like everyone and their dog are on holiday so instead of getting all envious I'm counting down the days to our vacay to Sardinia instead, just fourteen days to go and can you believe this time next Sunday I'll be at Leeds fest? Now that will be a change of scene from todays activities.

Stripy tops have recently found their way to the top of my love list so after deciding my Joules number was looking a bit tired (well I do wear it all the time) I decided to splurge on this Hush offering. You can never have too many stripes right? I can tell it was a wise move as I've already worn it two days in a row, oops. Another must mention is this kooky & Other Stories necklace which I found on my epic tidy up last weekend. What can I say? I buy things, leave them in the carriers and forget all about them. It's a problem. I'm a little bit into rose gold right now so was thrilled to remember this buy and sport it today. Last but never least is my nail polish, borrowed from my pal Claire who made the most epic cauliflower pizza last night FYI. The shade in question is Mind The Gap, Victoria (cutest name ever?) from Rimmel and boy is it a winner. That much so I may have already picked up my very own bottle on todays food shop.

Has your Sunday been a solo affair? What do you have planned for the bank holiday? 

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Wednesday Wishlist #18

Sunday was the ultimate wash out (in terms of weather not life) so with a river almost flowing down our street I decided my floordrobes were in need of blitzing. Six hours later and I was pretty impressed with how things were looking, which got me thinking about newness and general storage ideas for our abode. Don't worry Craig I've not bought anything, yet.

Crumpet Sofa £1155 - Now I love crumpets smothered with peanut butter but this is somethin' else entirely. It's like team Loaf got in my mind, saw my idea of the perfect sofa (and all other furniture for that matter) and created this baby. If this sofa along with the love seat doesn't find its way into my living room then there's something wrong with the world.  

Falcon Pie Set £44.99 - I'd love to tell you I'm in the habit of making a pie a week but sadly I'd be the size of a house if I did, that said these dishes are so much more than pie dishes. They're super versatile, uber Instagramable and there's definitely just enough space in our kitchen cupboards for this set. They'd also make a lovely gift for a housewarming or a pair of newly weds, don't you think?

Globetrotter Travel Stationary £6.95 - Labels, notelets and pretty stationary are my weakness so I couldn't resist adding this super cute set to my wish list. Isn't life just better when things look pretty and help organisation?

Hammered Tray with Handles £49.99 - I don't know what it is about delicate silver trays but I am more than game. This one has that I-found-it-from-a-second-hand-store vibe without it costing the earth. Zara Home you're on fire.

Paisley Print Bedlinen £79.99 - I fell head over heels for this bed linen set on my last London trip, can you tell I love Zara Home? From afar this may look like your average paisley print but look closely and you'll see tiny monkeys hiding within the pattern. Need.

Riskorn Plant Pot £4 - Ikea bring it when it comes to items you never thought you'd need until you laid eyes on them and that's exactly what's going down here. I adore the Missoni inspired print on this pot and how it'll bring some much needed pattern to my plant pot gang.

Glass Box £9.99 - Copper detailing is having a real interiors moment right now and I for one am happy to be on the bandwagon. This storage box is not only incredibly well priced but would be perfect holding everything from lipsticks to earrings plus it'd be darling on my dressing table.

Old Havana Dinner Plate £14 - If there's one thing I go crazy for it's crackled glazes and minty hues, enter this dinner plate which is making me want to break my current crockery selection so I can replace them with this.

What's on your homeware wish list? Are you digging any of my picks? 

Monday, 11 August 2014

Event: The One With Friends at the Everyman Cinema

I haven't been to the cinema in what feels like forever. Fact. The last thing I saw was Wolf Of Wall Street which came out in January, so when an email popped up inviting me and the beau to the Everyman Cinema in Leeds to watch the first four episodes of Friends I was singing the chorus of Smelly Cat as I tapped away my reply. It's been a whole ten years since Friends last aired which funnily enough was how long ago I met Craig, doesn't time fly... 

The event was hosted by Simplyhealth who are a breathe of fresh air when it comes to insurers, not only do they hold events like this but they highly rate laughter, encourage smiling and offer guidance on everything from diet to having a healthy mind. Makes a change right? An evening with Friends couldn't be more fitting and alongside my man, a bag of popcorn and a glass of crisp white I was one happy bunny. I don't think a night at my local Cineworld will quite cut it anymore, Everyman is so plush and fancy - I mean who doesn't want to sit on a sofa to watch a film?

Watching Friends seriously took me back, I'd completely forgot how much I love Monicas caring but slightly neurotic ways, how out there Phoebe is, how much of a babe Rachel is and the boys, well, they're exactly the guys you want to be buds with. I could reminisce about my favourite episodes all day long but what I will say is Danny DeVito as a stripper (the only stripper I ever want to see), Brad Pitt and his yams, Rachel singing I like big butts to baby Emma and not forgetting Rosscan when Phoebe is hoping to get Sting tickets through Ross' family connection.

Friends I miss you, now how much is that box set?

Have you ever visited an Everyman cinema? Which Friends episode do you remember the most?

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