Friday, 26 June 2015

The Blogger Induced MAC Haul

Since blogging has become such a part of my make up (no pun intended) I've found myself coveting products I'd previously never given a second thought, I think they call it blogger enabling? In my teens MAC was the only place I'd buy make-up from but as I got older matured I discovered a whole host of head turning brands. That said I recently noticed my Notes section getting busy with products from the black and white packaged power house that I keen to try, enter a free next day delivery code and the rest is history #overduebabyproblems.

The first two items to 'fall' into my basket were the Pro Longwear Paint Pot in Rubenesque and single eyeshadow in Expensive Pink, a duo that says aloha Summer and one that I couldn't get out of my head since watching Estees tutorial. With Estee rocking similar colouring to myself (big up fair skin and blue peepers) I thought this mermaid-esque paint pot and pinky eyeshadow combo might look just as swell on me as it does on Estee, I'll be sure to let you know.

Next up was a limited edition lipstick from the MAC Is Beauty range called Make Me Gorgeous. This addition was spurred on by Abigail Alice who not only has a beautiful blog but looks awesome in this Crosswires meets Costa Chic shade. Did I need it? Probably not. Will it be the perfect pick me up shade post bambino? Absolutely. Finally after much debate I snapped up the forever sold out Lip Pencil in Soar - not to achieve Kylie Jenners pout but to recreate Lilys combo of Soar and MACs Mehr, a lipstick which I picked up recently with a Debenhams voucher that I've fallen hard for (see me sporting it here).

Now don't you think all this make-up deserves a new place to rest it's head? Maybe it's time I was enabled with some make-up bag recommendations?

Do you find yourself drawn to MAC products? 

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Lifestyle: Eating At Bills, Sheffield

So yesterday was my official due date, everyone was ready with champagne bottles, streamers and balloons (well not really but you get the gist) and nothing happened - pretty standard for first time babies I hear so to mark the occasion my mum and I decided to take our behinds to the just-opened-yesterday Bills in Sheffield. Now anyone who knows me well will know just how into Bills I am, every time I visit a different city which is home to one I like to chow down. Not only have I never had a bad meal there but I love the laid back, relaxed vibe and general ambience so I've been counting down the days to the Sheffield opening - you'll be pleased to know it didn't disappoint. 

On arrival a lovely lady was giving out apples, menus and mini bars of chocolate (never a bad thing) while inside the friendly manager seated us and told us all about the new store. While my mum and I perused the menu our server took our drinks order and asked when my baby was due. She shortly returned, not only with our beverages (the chocolate brownie milkshake and a ginger beer) but a beautifully wrapped bottle as a special soon-to-give-birth treat, easily the most thoughtful act I've ever experienced in a restaurant, thanks team Bills! Now you're probably wondering where my rave ends but it genuinely doesn't. My mum and I shared three courses from the lunch menu (the heirloom tomato bruschetta, the crunchy kale salad and the warm donuts) and each course was more delicious than the last. The staff were complete babes and even though you could sense some opening day nerves they were all incredibly attentive plus the music was just perfection. 

In true Hannah fashion I'm already planning my next visit hopefully with Craig and a mini us in tow, either for brunch or one of their rather appealing afternoon teas. They looked beyond epic!

Have you visited Bills before? Are you a huge fan like me?

Sunday, 14 June 2015

The Sunday Catch Up: All The Flowers

Oh Sunday you are my fave, any day which starts with Nutella and fruit stacked pancakes followed by pottering around the house in pyjamas before donning clothes just to eat a carvery is always going to be a winner. This week has been a mixed bag as I've experienced all the ups and downs of being 39 weeks pregnant. I try not to whinge as it's unattractive but I've definitely found this week one of the toughest yet - I put this down to baby being so close to making an appearance even though it still feels so far away! Tomorrow is my official due date so fingers crossed baby Wild will fancy saying hello, if not I'll be heading to Bills (a Sheffield branch finally opens tomorrow) for the biggest of brunches. Well I've got to mark my official due date somehow. 

It's not been all doom and gloom though - days have been sun drenched, I've eaten my body weight in lemonade lollies/Magnums/Fabs and I've enjoyed looking at the beautiful blooms on almost every surface of our downstairs. You know it's a good flower week when you're putting flowers in a jug as all the vases are taken. Another winner this week was the loss of my White Company bedding virginity as my mum (she's the best) treated me to a rather Pinterest worthy set. The new Meadowhall store is so on point I fear I'll be losing a hefty chunk of my bank balance in the upcoming weeks. On the opposite scale of proceedings I did a teeny haul in Primark and have my eyes on these Topshop Aquazurra dupes, it's all about that high low mix.

Tonight I'm looking forward to painting my nails with my newly purchased Essie duo while binge watching Peaky Blinders, yes I'm totally late to the Netflix party but after finally signing up last night Craig and I have been enjoying this gangster filled drama set in Birmingham in 1919. Now the only question left to ask is what do I start watching next? Pretty Little Liars? Orange Is The New Black? Answers in the comments please.

Have you had a stellar week? Is Netflix your jam?

Friday, 12 June 2015

Review: The Body Shop Virgin Mojito Collection

If there's one drink I've been relishing during pregnancy it's a virgin mojito, the Queen of all mocktails. Ain't nothing like lime and mint muddled together to make you feel like you're on holiday so you can imagine my delight when Body Shop announced their latest limited edition collection, Virgin Mojito*. Created with base ingredients of zesty lime and fresh mint from the Caribbean team Body Shop couldn't have hit the Summer scented nail on the head better if they'd tried. I've been testing out the body scrub and body sorbet from the five product strong collection and must say I'm pretty impressed. 

Now I'm pretty diligent when it comes to body moisturisation but exfoliation is another matter, is anyone else a poor show on the body scrub front? I could however become a convert with the Virgin Mojito scrub, not only is the scent heavenly but it's incredibly light in formulation, in fact it's completely different to The Body Shops usual scrubs which can be heavy and a tad oily in consistency. The tiny grains in this scrub leave skin silky smooth while the whipped, gel like texture is just dreamy, perfect for those humid balmy days which seem to be making an appearance right now. 

If you're a Cagney and Lace regular you'll know how much I dig a body butter (just read my empties posts) so I must admit a Body Sorbet isn't something I'd usually gravitate towards. That being said this light, almost frosty formula still packs a moisturising punch whilst being incredibly cooling - ideal for taking on holiday or on swollen pregnant legs. Take your pick ladies, I know which I'd prefer!

What do you make of the new Virgin Mojito collection? Are you a huge mocktail fan like me?

*PR Samples, all thoughts and zesty opinions my own.

Sunday, 7 June 2015

Lifestyle: New On The Bookshelf

Blogging outside could possibly be my new favourite thing, June sunshine you've finally pulled through. I'll not ask what took you so long. Today I'm having the ultimate chill day fuelled by Chocolate Nesquik #pregnancyproblems before dining out to celebrate Craigs sister birthday, hello Italian fodder. Last night I got to take the bump partially on the tiles for part one of my friends hen party, probably one of the only times I've missed a cheeky glass or six of prosecco. Sadly I'm missing part two in one of my favourite European destinations so I was super pleased to see my pal have a grand evening and I got to witness Mr & Mrs my favourite bride to be game, result.

Todays post is a little different from my usual hauls, while there's been little point in filling up my wardrobe I've been treating my bookshelves instead. My picks? The Girl On The Train, a book I hear is the next Gone Girl, which was seriously up my street - even my friend Gemma who struggles to complete a book finished TGOTT in just a week! Next up is Front Roe by ex-pat Louise Roe which you may remember from my birthday wish list post. I've admired Louises style forever so I'm keen to get to grips with her taste making words, especially as I'm feeling a serious wardrobe overhaul post bambino. Last but never least is the second offering from Emily of Cupcakes & Cashmere, one of the first blogs I ever followed. Emily has a real eye for interiors so it's no surprise she's launched an interiors laden book. I'm yet to fully devour CACAH for fear of wanting to redecorate our entire house but have no doubt it'll be full of Pinterest worthy images and savvy styling tips.

Are you having a fun weekend in the sun? Do you enjoy an Amazon haul?

Friday, 5 June 2015

A Diptyque Dupe: The Rosie For Autograph Candle

If you're a regular around these parts you may how partial I am to a luxurious candle or five but you may not know about my penchant for pyjamas, especially those designed by model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley so when I found myself with a candle gift with purchase after a pyjama spree I was pleased. That was until I opened the packaging and experienced the Rosie for Autograph scent, let's just say I was elated. The reason? The Rosie for Autograph scent is almost identical to that of Diptyques Roses, one of my favourite fragrances that is truly beautiful but comes at an eye watering price point, between £20-40 depending on the candle size you buy.

The Rosie For Autograph offering is a mere £15 for either three minis or the standard size which comes with the most Instagramable rose gold lid. In terms of scent pay off there really is little difference - within moments of lighting my mini candle our entire living room was filled with that heavenly rose scent and I'm not talking the artificial kind but that delicate, fragrant rose centifolia scent which I discovered is handpicked from roses in the South of France. Surely the same stomping ground for the team at Diptyque? Ladies and gentlemen, I think I've found myself a dupe. Now did someone say there was a matching fragrance too? *Runs to Marks & Spencer*

Do you love rose scented candles? Which luxurious candle brand is your favourite?

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Lifestyle: May In Pictures & Words

Celebrating the royal birth with lemon drizzle - Picnic in the garden - Our new cabinet looking fly - Cloud looking seriously at home - Who knew Nutella disguised misshapen pancakes so well? - Once a rank boiler cupboard, now our baby's wardrobe - My baby shower invite - Tanya Burrs rocky road - A great read, especially for £1 - My little ones OOTDs will soon be better than mine - Baby Wild - All my faves - Baby shower artwork - Polaroid fun - I can't stop baking - Saturdays with this one are the best.

It's official, we're half way through the year - how did that even happen? I'd love to say we're now experiencing the usual June weather and I'm writing this with a Magnum in hand but that couldn't be further from the truth, things have become seriously Wintery - I don't know whether to wear a jumper or reach for my thermals! May has been one wonderful month, I finished work for maternity leave, a royal baby was born and my friends hosted the most epic baby shower in my honour. I can't think of a month where I've felt so loved and supported. One real turn around we've seen this past month is in our home, after living in our beloved cottage for twenty one months things are officially looking good. Our baby's nursery is complete, I'm absolutely thrilled with our living room and even the dining room has had a little makeover, all in perfect time for the arrival of Baby Wild. 

This past week has seen me officially nesting as I've been tidying the house, painting our love seat outside and even reaching for the baking tins - fingers crossed baby's arrival is imminent. Can you believe I'm now just over 38 weeks pregnant? While I've missed bringing outfit posts to Cagney and Lace (see my last one here) I've really enjoyed writing lifestyle posts although I must say I'm excited for the revival of the humble OOTD - did someone say new wardrobe?

Obsessed With - While baking is a strong contender for this months obsession, my current favourite recipes to make are rocky road and triple chocolate cookies (make them yourself here) one product I've not stopped reaching for is MACs Patisserie, appropriately named non? Paired with a bolder brow and the Max Factor creme puff blush in nude mauve I look suitably glowy and fresh faced, an essential look to sport throughout pregnancy. Another shout out has got to go to Hello Fashion magazine, I'm usually a Grazia girl at heart but recently they've been focussing far too much on celebrity gossip for my liking. Enter Hello Fashion which keeps things fashiony, as the name would suggest - definitely one to pick up next time you're in Marks and Spencer or WHSmith.

Lusting After - It's got to be a polaroid camera, I fancied one a couple of Christmas' ago but after seeing my friend Scarletts in action at my baby shower one has shot to the top of my wish list. Another item that's been plaguing my mind is a night cream/serum. I'm so happy with my morning skincare routine but things get pretty basic when it comes to lights out, after discovering the Nude Progenius Treatment Milk at Beauty Chat Live I've been debating taking the plunge and committing to an additional product post cleanser. Watch this space.  

Looking Forward To - Without sounding incredibly predictable I think I speak for both Craig and I when I say we're looking forward to the birth of our baby. While many people have been asking if I feel anxious or apprehensive I can honestly say I don't, I just feel real excitement to meet our little creation (when he or she is good and ready) and to begin a new chapter of our lives as a little family.

What did you get up to in the month of May? Don't forget to follow my Instagrammin' antics here.

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