Sunday, 21 December 2014

And Then There Were Three

2014 has been the most monumental year and while Christmas is still to arrive (my favourite time of year FYI) I already feel like I've been given the greatest present of all. Not only did Craig and I get engaged this year but we also recently found out we're expecting our first child in June 2015. We're both absolutely elated and could not feel more blessed, especially with all the well wishes, congratulations and general excitedness we've experienced from our nearest and dearest. From a young age I was never someone to do things by halves (just ask my mum) so I've no doubts I'll be able to manage a baby and wedding planning - we're getting married in April 2016, even if things do get a tad busy!

While Cagney and Lace isn't going to turn into a mummy blogging site overnight you may see a few posts popping up as I share my thoughts and findings on pregnancy. I hope you all still continue to enjoy reading Cagney and Lace, and as outfit/fashion posts are my faves I'm going to do my very best to keep bringing you them, even if a maternity jean or two does feature.

I'm thrilled to finally be able to share my special news with you all and I hope you'll join me on my latest life journey.

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Empties #8

It's not only the most wonderful time of the year but the time where I finally wave goodbye to a stash of empties that have been cluttering my bedroom windowsill, let's just say things haven't been looking so Instagram-able around those parts. Empties are still one of my favourite kinds of beauty posts to read, it's all dandy reviewing things but I love to know which products bloggers have actually finished, and more importantly what they really thought of them.

Bioderma Sensibio H20 Solution - Another empties, another Bioderma. Over the last few months I've become incredibly lax with evening cleansing and have been using just Bioderma to take away my days face. I don't need to give myself a good telling off for this sin as my skin did that for me #notahappyface. Don't get me wrong, Bioderma doesn't break me out but shouldn't just be used solely for your PM routine, this baby excels as a pre-cleanse to remove the bulk of your make-up. At £15 a bottle it's a pricey habit so I'm currently road testing the much blogged about Garnier alternative, review pending.

Jo Malone Blackberry & Bay Candle - It's a sad day when a Jo Malone candle takes it final breathe, especially when it's your Blackberry & Bay scent with limited edition packaging. Blackberry & Bay is my everyday fragrance so you can probably guess just how much I love it - if you've never have the pleasure of sniffing B&B think of it as a burst of fruitiness mixed with a fresh sweetness. This isn't my first Jo Malone candle and it certainly won't be the last, the scent pay off is incredible. Sure they're an indulgent treat (this was actually a birthday gift) but boy are they worth it.

NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer - This may just be the third tube of Radiant Creamy Concealer I've finished (in Vanilla FYI). As a combination skinned gal I never thought I'd be singing the praises of a concealer with the word creamy in the title but this just packs a punch, covering both blemishes and dark circles with ease. My only complaint? I've been using way more than usual which may be something to do with the change in seasons, that said one tube usually lasts at least three months. Cost per use means this is one item I'll keep repurchasing, Nars you've done it again.

Laura Mercier Almond Coconut Milk Body Creme - If you've ever eyed up a Laura Mercier Christmas gift set you'll know just how luxurious these products look. Aesthetics aside the Almond Coconut Milk scent doesn't smell to shabby either, providing you like incredibly sweet (almost sickly) scents that is. The huge plus to these body cremes is how long the scent stays around, I can pop my pyjamas on the following day and still smell the fragrance! While these body cremes are fantastic for scent pay off I don't find them anywhere near as moisturising as something from Soap & Glory or The Body Shop especially in the Winter months. For such a hefty price tag I'd personally go for a high street alternative although they do make the most fantastic high-end gift.

Body Shop Wild Argan Oil Body Butter - Battling it out for best body butter in the land is this new fragrance offering from The Body Shop. I did a post on the launch of the Wild Argan Oil scent but for me the body butter is the stand out product from the collection. The smell is out of the world, think a souped up, slightly deeper smelling cocoa butter and the moisturising properties of this wonder tub are something else. Right now I'm working my way through some Soap & Glory but it'll not be long before this tub of goodness is repurchased. A must smell product.

Have you ever tried any of my empties? Have I tempted you to?

Sunday, 14 December 2014

Camel Meets Leopard

Black Beanie: Topshop
Charcoal Cotton Roll Neck Jumper: Topshop Boutique
Camel Belted Maxi Coat: French Connection
Faux Leather Skinny Jeans: River Island
Leopard Print Chelsea Boots: Warehouse
Grey Striped Gloves: Muji
Alexa Bag: Mulberry
So today's Christmas tree day, finally! We've copped a feel, made sure it stands tall and picked our winner for this years festivities. It's now leaning proudly against our window while I type away, ready to burst out of it's wrapping and be decorated to the max. I'm a huge Christmas obsessive and get excited every time Decembers rolls around but this year I feel even more excited than usual - tonight I'm determined to continue the pre Christmas celebrations by putting on Elf (I can't stop saying 'Son of a Nutcracker') and start wrapping my gifts. It's beginning to look (and feel) a lot like Christmas.

My camel meets leopard ensemble was something I lovingly threw together Saturday for a day of errands while Craig and his dad completed more renovations on our house (it's finally coming together!) There's a few must mentions in my get up and they go to my newly acquired camel maxi coat with faux fur collar, isn't she a beaut? I've been on the hunt for a new camel coat for ages so I was thrilled to find this one in French Connection, particularly on a day when they had 20% off. Other Cagney and Lace virgins are my leopard print Chelsea boots which are an absolute delight, I don't think I've ever bought a pair of boots before that didn't need wearing in - good shout Warehouse. A final holla must go to my charcoal roll neck which is so un-me it's fabulous. Who am I becoming wearing such monochrome outfits? I must confess it makes a nice change to wear less patterned brights and instead buy more basic yet lux pieces. One thing I really must stop wearing though is my black beanie, it really isn't the most flattering headwear around but it's so darn cosy.

Have you been getting festive this weekend? What do you make of my sombre ensemble?

Thursday, 11 December 2014

A Christmas Gift From Me, To Me

I've finally finished my Christmas shopping *does happy dance*! I think this is the latest I've ever completed my festive spending and while there's a few parcels yet to arrive, they are thankfully enroute! For once I've been fairly restrained and only made two from me, to me purchases, although I could be tempted to the huge Soap & Glory set tomorrow. One was a pair of boots (well there was 25% off) and the other is this super diddy, very cute Charlotte Tilbury set (hello 10% off in Selfridges black Friday offering).

Charlotte Tilbury is the ultimate temptress when it comes to luxurious make-up and this set of three lip shades - Penelope Pink, Bitch Please (best name ever) and So Marilyn is no exception. This would be the perfect stocking filler for any make-up lover or even for your mum or sister - who wouldn't want to own three clutch sided, moisturising lipsticks in a capsule wardrobe collection of shades? Christmas is the perfect time to get to grips with a fairly new make-up brand so at £29 I think this gift is perfection. I even had thoughts of splitting this set down to give to friends (did I mention they can be hung on your Christmas tree?) but just couldn't resist this beautifully packaged set for myself. At least the intentions were there...

Do you buy Christmas gifts as a treat to yourself? Would you like to find this set under your tree?

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Pandora Wishes Launch in Leeds

Things have been a little slack around these parts recently and for that I apologise, behind the laptop things got cray so my little corner of the Internet has been suffering but I'm back and I've finally got myself organised, who'd of thought it?

Three Thursdays ago my friend Claire and I made an after work visit to the city of Leeds for an evening with Pandora and a rather special couple - Jamie and Louise Redknapp. Now I've never been one of those girls that's lusted after Jamie (even though he is a good looking guy) but in person, well...Louise is exactly how I envisaged her and like her husband was an absolute sweetie happy to pose for pictures while Claire and I swooned over her outfit, not pictured is her amazing Givenchy Bambi clutch. What a beaut!

Now we hadn't been invited to Pandora to ogle the Redknapps but instead celebrate the launch of the Wishes campaign, a rather nifty service which allows you to save all your favourite pieces on the Pandora site and share them with your loved ones. Genius. Sarah Crawford of all the Xtras fame was the host of the eve and held a pretty amusing Q&A sesh with Mr and Mrs R where we discovered that Jamie has not only bought the wrong colour handbag before but the wrong size clothing for wife Louise! It was refreshing to hear a celebrity couple come across so relatable, down to earth even and to learn Louises' favourite piece from the collection is the stacking rings (a woman after my own heart) particularly any featuring stars.

What do you make of Pandoras collection? Do you adore the Redknapps as much as me?

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Dear Father Christmas...

It's rapidly approaching that time of the year when it's acceptable to watch Love Actually, laugh at Elf, finalise your advent calendar plans and start talking tree decoration schemes. Christmas really is my favourite time of the year (possibly even more so than my birthday as everyone gets to enjoy the gift giving) and it's only a month away! So whether you've started your Christmas shopping already or have just been eyeing up wrapping paper in Paperchase here's my gift inspiration for the women in your life AKA a collection of items I'd be beyond thrilled to find under my Christmas tree. 

(L-R) Teddy Robe £32 - A new dressing gown or set of pyjamas is a right of Christmas passage in my book and who wouldn't want to resemble a mint coloured bear at any time of the year? I rest my case.

Fairest Of Them All Set £40 - Selfridges have got it goin' on with their beauty gifts this year and who doesn't enjoy a nod to a fairytale? This beauty box has no annoying subscription involved and you get a whopping eight products plus a make-up bag that's worth £20 all on it's own. Bargain.

Wild At Heart Print £26 - Featuring my future surname this Etsy print makes me smile no end and it'd look superb next to our other black and white print which is currently perched rather lonely on our bedroom wall.

Nails Inc Bruton Mews £14 - The nail colour I chose for my recent Nails Inc manicure and the colour I've been obsessed with ever since, is it forest green or is it black? Bruton Mews is super opaque with just one coat and there's no need for base coat with the new Kale formula. More time to party is always appreciated.

Marabou Feather Bag £45 - Forget diamonds it's feathers that are my best friend. Add a wow to the simplest of looks with this marabou number with cute chain detailing, it comes in the most amazing midnight blue shade too. Now which colour do I like more?

December 25th Sweater £42 - With more than a nod to the Bella Freud jumpers this Topshop pick is a little gem and different to your usual Christmas themed sweater. I can see this being super chic with a leather (faux or otherwise) midi skirt for the big day itself.

Bayswater in Oxblood Leather £895 - Oh yes I did. If you're a regular around these parts you'll know how much admiration I have for team Mulberry. Mulberry is the ultimate gift for someone special so I couldn't help adding this beautiful Bays to my wishlist, the Hibiscus shade is pretty dreamy too.

Kate Spade Thermal Mug £19.95 - Kate Spade goodies have pretty much come out of nowhere but I ain't complaining. I introduce to you the most perfect mug for carrying hot chocolate, filled to the brim with marshmallows of course.

Small Copper Globe £15 - Our living room is slowly taking shape so what better to feature on our newly completed alcove shelving than this copper globe. M&S you've done good.

Bobbi Brown Holiday Lip Trio £60 - Bobbi knows Christmas, every year she puts together a seriously lust worthy collection and this year is no exception. I adore the incredibly lux packaging of this perfectly formed set and think all three shades would look sensational on my smackers.

Jo Malone Travel Candle Collection £62 - Jo Malone is a fail safe at Christmas, who wouldn't be elated finding that classic cream and black packaging on Christmas morn? I spotted this gift set in Liverpool and can verify that every candle smells as wonderful as the last.

Pretty Honest Book £11 - A much hyped book by blogger Sali Hughes. I'd be chuffed to find this in my stocking so I can see what all the fuss is about and support a fellow blogger while getting my beauty read on.

What are you hoping to find under the tree this Christmas? Have you started your shopping?

Sunday, 23 November 2014

Don't Step On My Blue Suede Boots

Black Beanie: Topshop
Leopard Print Coat: H&M
Berry Double Layer Jumper: Topshop
Tartan Scarf: Primark
Leigh Skinny Jeans: Topshop
Black Panther Bag: Angel Jackson
Lolly Dawson Chelsea Boots: c/o Clarks*

Well how did a ten day blogging hiatus even happen? I could use the old 'life' excuse but if I'm completely honest I've been struggling with bloggers block. Usually the words just come to me but a lately I've found myself staring at my MacBook in deep thought and ya'll know life's too short for that business. It's good to be back.

This weekend has been a real babe, with Craig off work Saturday and Sunday *does happy dance* we decided to take full advantage of the situation and head to Liverpool to start our Christmas shopping. I swear this is the latest I've ever started my shopping but I'm proud to say we managed to blitz almost half of our to buy for list in just a few hours, praise must go to John Lewis Liverpool One - what that store doesn't have isn't worth buying! We rounded off our shopping sesh with a trip to Il Forno as recommended by Abigail, not only does that gal have a lovely blog but boy can she suggest a restaurant. Authentic Italian restaurants are really hard to come by in Sheffield but Il Forno is something else, the decor has a really old school 1920s meets present day vibe and the food was out of this world. A must visit if you ever find yourself in Liverpool.

This morning we headed over to Moose Coffee, somewhere which was getting some real Internet love - there was even a Breakfast Club style queue outside! Instead of hovering around in the cold waiting for our table we headed off for a cheeky photo shoot, doesn't the grand green door make the most perfect backdrop? With a fierce coastal breeze in Liverpool I got myself well and truly wrapped up, it's all about those layers (anyone else thinking of Shrek?) A special mention has got to my new chelsea boots - they fit like a dream, are beyond comfortable and are pretty snazzy in their inky blue suede. Don't you think? Clarks even have 20% off all full price styles now, a cheeky Chrismas gift from you to you? So how was Moose Coffee? Worth the wait. I attempted to devour the Burrito State of Mind and Craig consumed Eggs Benedict with a side of chipolatas, no joke.

What have you been up to this weekend? Hope you haven't missed me too much.

*The Chelsea Boots were kindly sent to me by Clarks.

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