Thursday, 18 September 2014

The Wedding Guest

Nude & Blue Lace Dress: Oasis c/o Debenhams
Nude Simple Strap Sandals: Dune
Embellished Box Clutch: River Island
2014 has newly been named the year of the wedding, those church bells haven't stopped chiming this year with the boyf and I attending a grand total of three I do's, definitely a sign we're getting older eek! With a few weddings already in the bag this year I think it's fair to say I've got this dressing for a seriously special occasion business down. For me wedding day dressing is all about the dress (or a super chic jumpsuit) this Three Floor inspired pick came from Oasis for a purse friendly price of £20 (no lie). I adore the mash up of cobalt blue, nude and lace (naturally) which means minimum jewellery is needed, lazy girl dressing at its best. Throw in the fact that the 3/4 sleeves equal no cover up required and how the super flattering cut gives the illusion of a tiny waist and this dress is a real all rounder. Kudos Oasis.

With accessories kept to a minimum, less is more at important events I decided on a pair of simple nude sandals with a block heel, perfect for all day wear and Irish jiving! Completing the ensemble is a pretty embellished box clutch which I'm dubbing the wedding bag, well when else can you get away with just cash, a lipstick and your iPhone? See it in action at my other friends wedding here. No wedding would be complete without my beau who doesn't half look dapper, note the choice of tie to compliment my dress #hesagoodegg. To say it was a Autumnal day the weather (and setting) couldn't have been better for Matt and Ashleighs nuptials and I'm sure you'll all agree my bud looks beautiful, plus how dreamy are those bridesmaid dresses? Our snaps were taken at Ansty Hall in Coventry, the wedding reception venue which was like a scene from Animals in Farthing Wood (nineties child reference) with squirrels and rabbits darting around. Perfect.

Have you found yourself at lots of weddings this year? What's your go to event look?

Sunday, 14 September 2014

The Snapshots, Sardinian Style

After eleven days of pure relaxation I'm back from Sardinia incredibly care free and ready to get back to life, and most importantly blogging. I genuinely can't remember the last time I went on holiday without any wifi and must say it was surprisingly refreshing to just switch off and really chill out without constantly checking Twitter, Instagram or my emails. 

Although it's been a shock to the system coming home (where's that 30 degree sunshine gone?) it's been lovely to have a three day weekend with the boyf, squeezing a wedding, a whole load of errands and a trip to the cinema in before things go back to normal tomorrow. Scary stuff.

Mint & Lilac Dress: ASOS Africa, Nude Studded Clutch: Oasis, Rose Gold Sandals: Faith c/o Debenhams, Friendship Bracelet: Links of London

Stripy Dress: Topshop, Bejewelled Sandals: Steve Madden, Rose Gold Necklace: & Other Stories, Red Lip: Nars Red Square

Blue Adrianne Dress: Whistles, Nude Studded Clutch: Oasis, Bejewelled Sandals: Steve Madden

If you ever fancy a trip to an Italian isle I'd whole heartedly recommend Sardinia, it's absolutely beautiful, as I'm sure you can see and has a real mix of unspoilt, more local spots as it does tourist destinations. We stayed in an awesome town house in a small village called Villaputzu which is around an hours drive from Cagliari airport. Just looking at these pictures is making me wish for 4 euro prosecco (yes really), heaps of gelato and giggles with loved ones. 

Ciao for now Sardinia, now let's get planning that Autumn wardrobe...

Have you ever holidayed in Italy? Which of my holiday outfits is your fave?

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

New In: The H&M Leopard Print Coat

I'm a huge advocate of picking up pieces from the high street as soon as you clock them and I certainly put this down to my days working in fashion retail - nobody wants to fall in fashion lust only to find out your new love interest has well and truly upped sticks and left the shop. I picked up this leopard print coat in H&M back when Craig and I made a trip to York, at the time it was high Summer but now things are getting a little bit cooler I'm feeling pretty darn pleased.

Leopard print has always been a wardrobe staple of mine, in my eyes it's practically a neutral and up there with skinny jeans and a leather jacket. Just a touch of leopard in your life can add that nonchalant, cool girl vibe to an outfit and I for one dig that look. I love how H&Ms take on leopard print is a little more grown up than your typical faux fur leopard coat (not that I don't own one of those too) and I find the double breasted style brings that added smartness to an otherwise playful jacket. At £34.99 it's an absolute steal in the coat realm and definitely a great addition to my outerwear collection. Oh Autumn Winter, how I've missed your layering ways.

Would you ever buy a leopard print coat? How would you style it up?

Saturday, 6 September 2014

Guest Post: Evening Skincare Essentials

When I started thinking about a guest blogger to take over Cagney and Lace for the day while I sun myself in Sardinia in case you didn't know, there was only one gal I had in mind. Alice is the ultimate babe, not only is she absolutely beaut but she's got a pretty awesome blog on her hands too. If you don't already follow her you're missing out.

Finding the right skincare routine can often be a mighty task. Before I started my own blog, I found reading others a super helpful way of finding reviews of products I'd not tried before without having to part with my own cash. Now I write a blog, I'm lucky enough to be sent products to try which means I've been able to give a range of products a thorough testing and have found some great products that work perfectly to keep my skin happy.

To kick off I use a face wash and my current favourite is the Vichy Normaderm Deep Cleansing Purifying Gel. I like to leave this in my shower so that I can kill two (or three) birds with one stone and wash my face, body and hair at the same time. This face wash suits men and women of all ages with combination to oily skin who are looking to eliminate impurities and excess sebum whilst reducing shine and deeply cleansing their pores. This foams up beautifully and as it has a soap-free formula it's gentle enough to be used daily, and doesn't leave my skin with a horrible tight feeling - just bright and clean.

Once my face has had a deep cleanse, I like to give it another once over with my Bioderma Crealine H20 Micellar Water. I simply pour some of this on a few cotton pads and sweep over my face which is good to pick up any excess mascara that's been missed. I find it lovely and refreshing (so use morning and night) as it sweeps all the impurities from the day off my face. If I'm having a lazier day and don't manage a deep cleanse, I'll start with this step and make sure I do it thoroughly.

For my night-time moisturiser, I've been treating myself to some real luxury, with the Dr Barbara Sturm Molecular Cosmetics Face Night Cream. I was sent this a month or so ago and have been totally and utterly addicted to it. It's been described as a 'cell spa while you sleep' and is an intensely moisturising formula that harnesses the healing power of Purslane (a succulent) to reduce redness as well as Skullcap extract (a flowering plant from the mint family) which stimulate your skins natural collagen production. I love this as it has a silky soft consistency that soaks in quickly and when I wake up in the morning my skin feels amazing. It's bright, plump, clearer and super soft. Best of all, I find my makeup sits better on my skin the day after I've used it, so it almost works like an overnight primer for me. Whilst £140 is a seriously high budget moisturiser, if you have the disposable cash to spend on treating yourself - this has the highest of marks from me.

Finally I have to deal with any imperfections on my skin and typically turn to the Origins Super Spot Remover as this is the best product I've found to date for eliminating any blemishes I have. I just rub a tiny amount of this directly onto my blemishes and leave it to dry over night. My spots are always visibly reduced when I wake up the next morning and the best part about this is that a little of the product goes a long way. It may seem expensive for what it is, but as you only use a tiny amount of this at a time it'll last you months and months.

What are your evening skincare essentials?

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

The Story of August

Love these girls - These are somethin' else - The best way to end a fabulous night - Thanks Wild - Made. My. Day - Cinema fun - Only the best when I'm with Lauren - My fave Ikea purchase, even if the boyf isn't impressed - Forget Vita Coco, this stuff is beaut - Especially in this mug - In all it's country glory - Obligatory Leeds fest selfie - Friends - Lots of love for this gal - Fancie - My gorgeous god son

August was definitely the calm before the storm, in terms of my social diary that is - if we were talking work, well that's another story entirely. After the craziness that was July I must say I gave August one hell of an embrace as things in general have been a tad more sedate except a road trip to York and three, yes three trips to Leeds. Once for that place called Ikea, another for a blog event with the beau and finally, a visit for Leeds festival where I got reacquainted with my fave bunch of Sheffield boys, the Arctic Monkeys. While my diary hasn't been so jam packed socially things have been moving full steam ahead in our house, after a tiny break from renovations we're back on form - I'm talking about the addition of a log burner (oh yeah) and the welcome of a loft hatch and some snazzy alcove shelves, not as exciting but still. I've been dying to do a few before and after posts on Cagney and Lace as our house has changed so much since we moved in. Watch this space.

Obsessed With - Getting my paws on the new Jo Malone Wood Sage & Sea Salt fragrance. After inhaling a sample on a recent trip to York I've been debating whether or not to take the plunge for my holiday, a holiday scent if you will. I finally decided yes only to realise I was too late for the online delivery to arrive before leaving for my vacay. Thankfully my pal Claire was in York (why is there no Jo Malone in Sheffield?) and kindly picked me one up so I'll be smelling like the English seaside as you read this. Another real fave this month is my breton long sleeve tee from Hush as worn here. The quality is superb, it fits like a dream and it's barely left my bod. Must purchase more colours stat.

Lusting After - Is it wrong to say clear skin? My skin is back to playing beyatch and I for one am not impressed although I must admit I've not been the best at sticking to a strict skincare regime, what have I become is the question? As soon as I touch back down in London town I'm going to book myself in for a fancy facial and start as I mean to go on.

In non skincare news I may have finally found my perfect camel coat. This ladies and gents has been one long mission, I'm talking years. Starting at the beginning, I had the most amazing camel coat but lost a stone (and a bit) in weight so said coat now hangs off me. Being happy and healthy is far more important than a coat fitting me but I've been longing for a replacement to walk into my life. Enter this H&M beaut which may be winging it's way to me as I type. I seem to be having a bit of a H&M coat moment right now, not a clue what I'm harping on about? Keep your eyes firmly on Cagney and Lace as all will be revealed.

Must Read - I read a lot of blogs, not just those in my blog roll but a whole load more on my Bloglovin'. That said there's just one blogger right now who is so on point, creates the most beautiful photographs and seriously know how to style an outfit up - step forward Mel from MediaMarmalade. If you ever need blogging inspiration then this is the lady to check out, how that girl posts everyday, writes blogging tips and wonderfully created fashion posts and holds down a full time job I'll never know - I struggle to post 3-4 times a week and work full time so credit where credits due.

What did you make of August? Are you excited to welcome a new season?

Sunday, 31 August 2014

Jumpsuits Made Autumn Appropriate

Rose Gold Necklace: & Other Stories
Aztec Jumpsuit: c/o George at Asda*
Leather Jacket: Zara
Alexa Satchel Bag: Mulberry
Rose Gold Sandals: Faith c/o Debenhams
As you read this I'll be running around my house like a headless chicken packing for my long awaited, definitely ready for vacay. So. Excited. Craig, myself and two of our faves are flying to Sardinia on Monday morning and I really can't wait. It's the latest that we've ever holidayed and I must confess it once felt like a lifetime away but now it's here I can't wait for ten days of relaxation. As a super organised individual (who'd of thought it?) I have got a few posts scheduled while I'm away so you won't miss out on general Cagney and Lace-ness. I would tell you all to get on over to my Insta for regular updates but the place we're staying in has zero wi-fi, I can't wait to switch Twitter for a paperback or five. 

With Autumn officially making it's bed and lying in it I've found myself pulling out black opaques, my leather skirt and a knit most mornings, can you tell I've been feeling the cold? That said I really shouldn't be letting Summer go so easily, enter my solution - take something that screams Summer and give it a seasonal appropriate twist. Sure this aztec print jumpsuit would look awesome on my Sardinian jaunt thrown over a bikini but it doesn't look too shabby here paired with my leather jacket, a pair of sandals and a ties-everything-together necklace, agreed? Perfect for when the sun pops out and then disappears into an abyss, common place this last week. George at Asda have been coming up fashion trumps for years but right now they've got it goin' on, plus clothes shopping with the food shop is never wrong. 

If the rain did decide to rear its grey head I'd switch the sandals for a pair of well loved Converse and throw a lightweight knit on top of proceedings to keep the chill out, so next time you think about packing away your Summer wares see if things can get transitional first. Something I'll not have to worry about in Sardinia. Sorry guys, it had to be done.

Can you believe this jumpsuit could be picked up with your weekly shop? Are you styling Summer pieces to make them Autumn appropriate?

*This jumpsuit was kindly sent to me by George at Asda.

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

When Topshop Invaded My Wardrobe

It seems like an age since I last shopped but that may have something to do with a hefty Topshop spree that went down a few months back which has made a huge dent to my bank balance. I must stress I didn't pick up all these beauties in one trip, it was more like three (oops) so without harping on about the wonderfulness that is the Autumn Topshop collection lets talk clothes, and shoes.

My best bargain of the bunch ladies and gents - say hello to the jester kitten heels which I'd been lusting after ever since they made their Topshop debut, yes I stalk the new in section. After declaring I couldn't justify a pair of occasional, £58 faux snakeskin pumps I was elated to find these in the sale, on their own, in my size for £30. Clearly it was meant to be. I haven't worn these yet but as they're such a classic style I know they'll be in my wardrobe for many seasons to come plus how perf will they look with an oversized sweater and a pair of slouchy boyfriend jeans? Cagney and Lace promise you'll be the first to see them styled up.

Yes it's the Beyonce dress. Didn't my mum do a wonderful job of finding this and the next buy in the last chance to buy Oxford Street section? Bravo momma! I've coveted this dress for longer than I care to remember, are you sensing a pattern? I'm not always the first to the till and slowly realised I needed this in my wardrobe not long after this stripy affair had sold out everywhere so it really was fate when this was discovered. Not to bang the classic drum but this offering really is one that'll never date. I've sadly only worn this once so far (take a peek here) but I'll be taking this to Sardinia with me so keep your peepers peeled for a holiday style round up on my return.

I may have a couple of leather jackets in my repertoire but suede ones I do not. Enter this suede biker jacket which I first spotted on Amelia, immediately making a mental note that it was something I'd like to own. Fast forward a couple of months and there's my mum saying 'this jacket's nice' in that now infamous last chance to buy section, somewhere I usually avoid like the plague. This was certainly no cheap, throw away purchase and although it's not one to sport in the rain (always a good quality for a jacket to have in England) it's still become one of my favourite jackets. As a fair skinned, light haired gal I find black jackets can look harsh against my skin tone which just further fuels my love for this grey/charcoal, super soft biker. Come on Autumn, I'm ready for you. 

Since there's been a huge last chance to buy movement around these parts I thought it was only fair to round things up with some new season pieces with ready to buy availability. Introducing my new jacquard A-line skirt and knitted ladder detail top which in my eyes are Autumn personified. The colours, the textures and the ability to add black opaques mean we're well and truly in next season territory and I'm more than ok with this, my fast approaching holiday certainly helps too (can you tell I'm excited?) Patterned skirts are such an easy to style item as with just one zip they do all the hard work for you, on the reverse is this ladder detail knit which I must confess is a tad out of my comfort zone. As a general rule of thumb I don't do cut outs anywhere near the bust but something about this jumper lured me in and I'm so glad it did. I've since spotted this on Frankie from the Saturdays so clearly great minds think alike.

Which shops invade your wardrobe? Have you started collating your Autumn wardrobe?

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