Wild Hearts Run Free

Sunday, 19 February 2017

Camel Coat: Marks & Spencer
Wool Mohair Bomber Cardigan: & Other Stories
Wild Heart Tee: Topshop
Raw Hem Straight Jeans: Topshop
Dorateymur Nip Zip Boots: Farfetch.com
The days since my last post have rolled into one hazy blur and to be frank I don't think I could tell you what I've done each day without consulting a calendar, Sadie is still out of sorts and I don't know if it's a cold or teething but what I do know is that it's been keeping me up many nights hence those tell tale bags that not even Nars radiant creamy concealer can disguise so there's nothing quite like a cinema trip, a holiday booking (or two) and the birth of a beautiful baby boy to boost a knackered mums spirits. I finally got to see La La Land Wednesday and in my book it truly deserves the hype, Ryan Gosling is well Ryan Gosling but Emma Stone is something else. I'm already having withdrawals and I'm waiting for the soundtrack to arrive any day. Yes I'm that girl. Thursday saw the birth of baby Rory, my friends second bambino and I couldn't be more proud. Any mum that goes back for more deserves a medal in my book. As any girl will know there's nothing like booking a vacay to make you feel all kinds of tropical so imagine how ecstatic I am that we now have two in the diary, eeeeeeeeeeek! Now who's ready for some outfit chat before I start planning Sadies holiday wardrobe?

If I had a pound for every time I've worn these jeans I'd easily be in double digits, to say I'm obsessed is putting it mildly and while I've raved about the merits of these jeans before I think the real saving grace for me is how well they work in my wardrobe, whether teamed with trainers or worn with a heeled sock boot (yes I've finally found the pair of my dreams) so much so that I've actually bought a back up pair, just in case of a denim emergency. Tucked into my jeans is a slogan tee I couldn't resist after my fashion forward pal Scarlett sent me an iMessage I couldn't ignore - as a Wild anything brandishing my new surname is a no brainer, you've been warned. Keeping me snug is a cardigan, something I having sported in a while but there's just something about this knitted bomber with sports luxe styling that makes it cooler than your regular cardi. The real dream boat here though is undoubtedly my oh-no-she-didn't Dorateymur boots. After spotting them on my weekly Net A Porter scroll I just couldn't get them out of my mind so you can imagine how things intensified when I saw them on Lindseys social, or was it Lucys? I promptly tracked them down on Farfetch along with a discount code and the rest, along with a DHL delivery mishap (DHL we are officially over) is history.

PS - Incase you wondered why my camel coat shots show me smiling like a goon to the right I thought it fitting to include a snap of Sadie in situ for the cutest context around.

The Morning After The Week Before

Monday, 6 February 2017

Wool Cashmere Coat: Jaeger
Striped Embroidered Top: Maison Laiche via Smallable
Pink Scarf: H&M
Raw Hem Straight Jeans: Topshop
Lace Up Trainers: Topshop
Long time no see, did you miss me? These past two weeks have been full on to say the least - let's just say everything goes to pot when my husband goes away skiing for a week, think a trip to a&e, matching mother daughter viral infections and minimal afternoon naps making one knackered me so I'm sure you can forgive my absence. It's not been all high temperatures, coughs and snot though as my mum, Sadie and I managed a rather luxurious stay over at Rudding Park in Harrogate which naturally included a spot of shopping, well I am my mothers daughter all. 

If you saw my stepping out of a style rut post you'll know I've been looking to add a blue blazer into the mix so I couldn't have tried this on quicker in Jaeger. Traditionally seen as a brand with a more mature customer base Jaeger have recently collaborated with some of my favourite bloggers to show their well made pieces to a new audience, much to my wardrobes gain. This wool cashmere tailored coat is as soft as our new puppy and made for those days where it's too cool to throw on a real blazer but you want to dress up those casual Sunday vibes outfits which is exactly what I've done here. For a brunch date with friends I attempted to disguise eye bags with stripes with a classic Maison Labiche breton, it may just be embroidered but more about that on my Insta. The real star of the show here though is one of the best pairs of jeans I've found in a long while, so much so I'm on the verge of ordering another colour or even the same shade again just so I have a back up pair and I'm never that sensible. Introducing the raw hem straight jean from Topshop - these fit true to size like a traditional jean with minimal stretch and have that wonderful mid rise straight cut that I'm forever searching for. With my ankles out I attempted to balance the skin exposure scales with my faithful pink scarf bringing a pop of pink to proceedings.

With over a week at home in the bag I can promise a few new items will be gracing the pages of Cagney and Lace so keep your fashion adoring eyes peeled. Time away from the blog has also got me thinking about a bit of a rebrand and maybe even a new name that represents me a little bit more, you might even have seen my poll on Twitter. I'd love to hear your thoughts? 

A Family Trip To Disney On Ice: Frozen

Sunday, 22 January 2017

I may still be clinging to my Merry & Bright mug as though someone's going to take it away but it's safe to say Christmas is well and truly over. While the break feels like a lifetime ago one memory that stands out and feels like only yesterday is our family trip to Disney On Ice*. I've been incredibly lucky whilst blogging to go to some cool events but there's nothing quite like receiving an invite that you can enjoy with the family - I may have done a little scream when I found out the show was Frozen and obviously broke into Do You Want To Build A Snowman, who wouldn't?

While excitement levels were high in the Wild household I did have a teeny feeling of apprehension as I wondered how an almost eighteen month old Sadie would sit for two plus hours but I needn't have worried. Arriving at the Arena we were shown into a VIP lounge where there was seating galore plus child friendly snacks and drinks as well as many other families with their mini Elsas, Olafs and Annas in tow. As a seasoned Arena go-er I've always wondered what the VIP lounge was all about and whether it warranted the extra money but having experienced it myself I'd definitely pay the additional ticket price, especially for an event with Sadie as the whole queuing for drinks/toilets/food stress is taken away. I can imagine it would also be perfect for children who've been at school all day as they can have some all important downtime before the show begins.

With tummies full to the brim the icing on the cake was just on the horizon with a surprise meet and greet with Elsa and Anna themselves, at this point Craig and I did wonder how this would go down with Sadie especially as she'd already expressed a distaste for reindeers and Father Christmas however female Frozen characters is clearly where it's at (although you wouldn't have guessed it from her expression in this picture). With show time fast approaching we headed out into the concourse to take our seats, ready for the magic to begin. As the lights dipped and the characters took to the stage Sadie began to wave, laugh and act like a yoyo sitting on my lap one moment, jumping down the next and staring at a little girls twirling Disney light behind us. That said I was pretty impressed with my daughters attention span and thrilled that we got to watch three quarters of the incredibly enchanting and magical Frozen show before calling it a night. A real highlight for me was seeing all the classic Disney characters in the shows opening scene, it brought back a whole host of childhood memories which shows Disney On Ice is perfect for all ages, not just for children. 

Disney On Ice will be returning to Sheffield Arena on the 15th-19th November 2017.

*I was a guest of Sheffield Arena, all Disney loving thoughts my own.
My Petit Canard

Stepping Out Of A Style Rut

Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Stan Smiths - Stripe Contrast Tee - Outfit 1 - Outfit 2 - Outfit 3 - Black Ankle Boots - Floral Dress - Outfit 4 - Outfit 5 - Outfit 6
So it's officially that time of year where my hair goes AWOL, my skin breaks out (probably all that 4pm chocolate I've been devouring) and I start to feel a bit meh about my wardrobe so instead of sitting in my loungewear binge eating tubs of forgotten chocolate and scanning Net A Porter for what if items (a bit like playing the Right Move game, but cheaper) I decided to focus my fashion obsessive energies on creating a lust worthy collage to ease me out of my I-only-ever-wear-knitwear phase. Now I doubt I'm alone in the jumper wearing club - it's January, it's pretty damn cold and hey I like to be warm but it's nice to mix things up at least one day a week right? Plus who doesn't start looking forward to Spring and the prospect of a bit of sunshine right about now? Hey we've all got to dream.

Whenever I find myself in a bit of a same old, same old fashion groove I head to three places: my favourite blogs, Pinterest and of course, the shops in order to refresh and most importantly reconnect with the type of style I aspire to achieve, my inner fashion inspiration if you will. I'd describe my ultimate style as laid back luxe with a smart edge and that could be in the form of a tailored jacket or a heeled ankle boot. While I love a touch of pattern (that floral Whistles dress will be my Spring Summer jam) I'm quickly realising the items I reach for the most, and the ones that work the hardest in my wardrobe are actually pattern free, 18 year old Hannah would literally be in bits by this revelation. 

With this in mind I've taken a not so fine tooth comb to the looks above and there's three pieces that I'm keen to add to my closet immediately. First up is a pair of taller than your average black ankle boots as championed by my favourite blogger Lizzy Hadfield. I love how these look teamed with straight leg blue jeans to make the most casual of outfits look that little bit polished. Secondly is the white trainer, I can't get enough of Stan Smiths paired with a smart coat to bring a real sense of balance to an ensemble. The final piece on my fashion radar (although I could easily name a few more because we all know I like to shop) is a navy blazer as sported by the serious babe with the most amazing hair in the centre of my collage. As I'm sure you'll have gathered I'm all about the high low mix and I think this, similarly to my camel coat could be an instant wardrobe elevator. Enough said.

How do you take yourself out of a style rut?

The Easy Wardrobe Elevators

Monday, 9 January 2017

Camel Coat: Marks & Spencer
Braided Sweater: & Other Stories
Faux Leather Trousers: Topshop
Two Tone Courts: Zara
Gold Bangle: Kate Spade
The first week in January is notoriously a tough one but that couldn't be further from reality in the Wild household, not only did we finally decide to get a new dog (I know this is mega news in itself) but it was also Craigs big birthday week where he turned 3-0! With all of the birthday celebrations this week it's felt like the festive season hasn't really ended especially when you factor in the indulgent dining and my current, and frankly obscene 4pm chocolate consumption - seriously, what am I going to do when my Cadburys stash runs out? Now before I get carried away talking about three course meals, glasses of vino and can't get enough carrot cake (which I made!) let's cover the new dog basics because that's what I'd want to know. We're getting a beautiful Beddlington Terrier called Bramble and he's becoming a part of the family at the end of January, excited is an understatement.

Yesterday saw the penultimate instalment of the 30th year of living celebrations with brunch at one of Craigs favourites Tamper Sellers Wheel with my side of the family. Tamper is in the heart of Sheffield city centre surrounded by some of the coolest street art so it'd been criminal not to get a shot or two. I've been dreaming of the perfect camel coat for what feels like a fashion lifetime so I couldn't have been more pleased to find this Marks & Spencer beauty under the Christmas tree, (thanks Craig) everything from the cashmere blend to the perfect smart and swishy length means even the simplest outfits is instantly elevated. Underneath I'm wearing one of my favourite jumpers, ever. It's so different yet classic at the same time and it makes a real change from the rest of my knitwear. That said it's definitely one piece that requires careful styling as it has a tendency to make you appear tent like unless paired with something slim fitting. Introducing my faux leather trousers which have become a real cornerstone in my wardrobe as they're that perfect go to piece for when you don't really know what to wear but want to look pulled together. Speaking of items that make you feel polished let's give a stylish nod to my Chanel inspired two tone courts, sometimes Zara hit the ball out of the park - I've worn these shoes more than I care to admit so it helps that they're comfy too.

Things are looking a lot quieter and January like this week with the exception of another birthday dinner at the sensational Bhaji Shop so I'm hoping to break the chocolate tv cycle, get back to the gym and make myself a hair appointment because the root situation is getting outta control. 

What are you getting up to this week? Which pieces are fundamental in your wardrobe? 

Oh Hello New Year: 2017

Monday, 2 January 2017

Happy New Year gang! We welcomed 2017 in a spectacular laid back fashion with a walk with friends around the Longshaw Estate before heading to the Cricket Inn for an early dinner. Craig, Sadie and I then returned home for what we envisaged would be a quiet night in with our respective drinks of choice and The Revenant (if you haven't seen it watch it!) Things started sombre until Sadie decided she wanted to party at 2am until gone 5 so today I'm penning this sporting the mother of all headaches and eye bags larger than two totes bags but I wouldn't have it any other way.

Sleepless non-partying nights aside I've been itching to put fingertips to MacBook to compile a sort of round up post that wasn't all about resolutions like keeping up the fitness regime and trying to be organised because let's be honest, we all strive for that. 2016 was a game of two halves, it was exceptional, heart warming, emotional and incredibly hectic - I married my best friend in a day that truly was the best of life, watched my daughter flourish, turn one and become a personality abundant spirited little soul. We took our first family holiday abroad as a test run before our honeymoon and days before Sadies christening and had our kitchen fully renovated, you can see how things got a touch stressful no? 

Sadly the year was also heart breaking as I lost my nan, a woman who was always a true inspiration and super star to me. My nan was the woman who gave me tips to sleep when I couldn't, took me to my induction week at primary school and was someone who always listened, forever knowing the right thing to say. I don't think you ever truly get over losing someone so special but I feel incredibly lucky to have had such a woman in my life and I'm beyond thankful that she was able to meet Sadie and see Craig and I become man and wife. I didn't plan on this post getting so emotional but isn't it much easier to type feelings then say them out loud? 

On a much more light hearted and frivolous note I thought it'd be cool to compile a few of my favourite outfits from 2016. Craig and I had a clear out at home just a few days ago which meant I finally tackled my floordrobe/wardrobe and it's amazing how just a few hours sorting can make such a huge difference (January 2016 me would be so proud). I feel like my style has evolved in this past year and I wonder if it's down to having Sadie or getting a little older/wiser (delete as appropriate), it's almost like I've developed a Hannah uniform and while I still make the odd fashion faux pas because hey fashion should be fun and we've all been there, I think I'm finally honing my shopping skills and I really hope to continue perfecting my craft in 2017. Yes shopping is 100% a craft, don't scoff. My fashion goal for this year is to continue buying less throw away fashion (see ya random Zara trend led binges) and hello investment buying. I'm starting small focusing my attention on coats and bags as I can't tell you the number of coats I have in a pile to eBay, if only I'd of bought one Whistles coat instead of two or three cheaper ones.

As with all review posts it's good to read what you penned the previous year so the one thing that stands out to me when I look back at my Hello New Year: 2016 post is how decidedly quiet my new M&S calendar is looking in comparison. 2016 was full on with huge life milestones happening left, right and centre and while it was a year I'll treasure forever I'm quite looking forward to taking my foot off the pedal, going with the flow and seeing what this new year has to offer. That said I don't have to wait too long for an exciting life occurrence as Craig turns 30 on the 4th of January, I think we all know who's more excited.

What are you looking forward to this year?

The Boxing Day Stroll

Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Lace Up Jumper: Zara
Bonded Notch Trousers: Topshop
Ambrose Loafer Boots: Whistles
Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you all had the most spectacular day with your nearest and dearest and managed to consume your body weight in festive fodder without getting the food sweats. Christmas Day this year was the first time I've ever eaten my dinner without my mum and dads company so I didn't really know what to expect of the day, that said I can safely say Christmas 2016 has been one of my favourites. The food was delish, the company noteworthy and Sadie had the best time cooking up a wooden pizza storm in her new toy kitchen. I think we'll be eating wooden pizza for days. Side note - one incredibly unfestive thing I'm into right now is the new season of The Affair, it's so good. If you watched it before but found it a touch slow then I think you'll enjoy the slightly faster paced new episodes, I've been binge watching them whenever I can as Craigs just not that into it. 

Yesterday Craig, Sadie and I went on a family walk to blow away the cobwebs or should I say be blown away, storm Barbara is clearly one woman to be reckoned with. Now we need to talk about the fact that I'm wearing black tailored trousers, something I haven't worn since my secondary school days where my friends and I used to sport the tightest possible black trousers we could get away with without being hauled into the head of years office. I've been itching to buy a pair for a while as I hear on the grapevine they're a bit of a wardrobe staple plus it's nice not to wear jeans everyday but I've put off the purchase for ages because aren't black trousers the most dull buy? This is probably the very reason why I struggle to dress in a morning but what can I say, I'm a bit of a magpie and black trousers just don't excite me, so far though they're panning out as I'm head over heels for these with my oversized lace up jumper and loafer inspired boots and I think they'd be equally ace with some sparkly heels and a silky pyjama blouse for an evening out, what do you think?

Today the three of us are heading to Leeds to buy birthday gifts, meet up with friends and immerse ourselves in Victoria Gate because it's that exceptional. Be sure to keep your peepers on my Instagram for any sale finds.

Are black trousers one of your wardrobe staples? Do you find buying basics as dull as me?


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