Mixing An Old Favourite With The New

Thursday, 20 October 2016

Leopard Print Coat: H&M
Red Knitted Turtleneck Jumper: H&M*
Castile Pencil Straight Leg Jeans: ASOS
Kendall Suede Taupe Loafers: Topshop
Hold the phone, an outfit of the day where I'm not wearing head to toe Topshop, no I can't quite believe it either. After weeks of scouring the shops for all of the knitwear I'm thrilled to have finally found some winners from high street stalwart H&M. Now I hate to use the term killing it 'cos I say it far too often but H&M certainly are and their knitwear is exceptional, especially for the price so it'll come as no surprise when I say how much I adore this turtleneck. The colour brings the loveliest flush of colour to my cheeks, the fit has that perfect borrowed from the husband vibe and the cotton blend means you don't royally overheat when you pop a thermal underneath. Usually I shop H&M online but I actually picked this turtleneck up and a few other pieces (stay tuned) from The Broadway in Bradford who kindly got in touch and asked me to fill my Autumn Winter boots with a rather handy gift card. The shopping centre is perfectly formed making it ideal for those wanting to spend with a toddler in tow - it's incredibly easy to navigate and did I mention the super sweet train which runs around? So cute.

While we're on the subject of favourites I've got to mention these straight leg jeans. ASOS has never been somewhere I've shopped for denim but after buying these I'm starting to wonder why, not only are they incredibly affordable but they fit well and feel very current - I literally haven't stopped reaching for these blue eyed wonders since I bought them. My final new arrival are these taupe loafers which I fell head over heels for as soon as I saw them, thanks to the suede make up they fit like a glove whilst giving a nod to Gucci. Pulling my look together is an old favourite, a leopard print coat. For me leopard print is a fail safe every Autumn Winter, a classic if you will so I doubt I'll tire of pulling this cover up out of my wardrobe and letting it bring some necessary pizzazz to a simple everyday look. I actually bought this coat two years ago (and blogged about it here) but if you fancy your own slice of leopard print action then hit the high street pronto - Topshop, River Island and ASOS all have grand versions.

I actually wore this look for what felt like the worlds longest Sunday thanks to Sadie waking up at an hour that Sundays should only see in the pm format. Even though the day was full of rain we managed to turn it around by going out for brunch at new favourite Show Me Joni and in the evening I finally got to see Girl On The Train with the girls which I found a tad disappointing as a lover of the book. Tell me what you thought if you've seen it?

What are your thoughts on leopard print? Do you rate H&M as much as me?

*Bought with a gift card gifted to me by The Broadway.

New In My Beauty Cabinet

Sunday, 16 October 2016

One thing I have no trouble spending money on is clothes but beauty products are a different matter all together, once I find a product I like I become that loyal school friend terrified to mix it up incase I lose my security blanket so when Ocean finance* dangled a £50 carrot enabling me to refresh my beauty stash I jumped at the opportunity.

As with all of my disposable income its not long before it starts to burn a metaphorical hole in my pocket so the first thing I had to splurge on was a luxe shampoo and conditioner duo, now if you're a long time Cagney & Lacer you'll know I've been a Pureology devotee forever but after hearing all the praise for the Ouai brand and more than a good thing or two about the Kiehls conditioner I knew it was time to get spendy. Almost every product from Ouai sounds too good to be true but thanks to a rave review from Lily I decided the clean shampoo would be a good place to start and boy did I make a good pick. Not only does it have the most glorious scent but it manages to detoxify my hair of all the gunk and grime without striping away any of my colour unlike some (I'm looking at you Bumble Sunday shampoo) as it's paraben and sulphate free. I then pair this with the Kiehls amino acid conditioner which leaves my hair feeling healthy but not weighed down even though its packed to the rafters with goodness like jojoba and coconut oil. Winner.

My next must purchase was an old favourite, the travel size Caudalie beauty elixir in swish limited edition Jason Wu designed packaging - if you've never tried this facial spritz come toner and are a lover of peppermint then you're seriously missing out. Some bloggers have dubbed this a 'princess product' meaning its a nice to have but I beg to differ as for me personally I see a real difference in my skin when I use this which makes this product a real necessity. Sure it smells fabulous but there's something about this pint sized hydrating mist that I can't quite put my finger on. Promise me you'll give it a try if you haven't before?

Finally I broke my £50 budget (what's new?) with the Bobbi Brown Pot Rogue in Fresh Melon after learning about the merits of cream blush at a Mama Social event hosted by Emma, a Bobbi Brown make-up artist. While powder blushers will always hold a special place in my heart (especially those from Max Factor and Tarte) I've quite enjoyed using this peachy pink to bring a flush of colour to my cheeks that actually stays put all day.

What do you make of the new additions to my beauty cabinet? Have you tried any of them before?

*In collaboration with Ocean finance, all thoughts & opinions my own.

Autumnal Layering

Sunday, 9 October 2016

Oversized Metallic Knit Jumper: Topshop
Relaxed Fit Shirt: Zara
Blue Jamie Skinny Jeans: Topshop
Suede Biker Jacket: Topshop
Studded Amy Boots: Topshop
Blue Wool Scarf: & Other Stories
Sometimes you buy an item and know exactly how you're going to style it, even before said item has made its sassy entrance into your wardrobe, step forward this oversized metallic knit from Topshop. As soon as Lucy pulled this out I knew it'd be a winner paired with skinny blue jeans and a crisp white button down to put a more formal, pulled together twist on such a casual pullover. Throw on my go to suede biker jacket and can't-stop-wearing-them studded ankle boots and I'm ready for anything from family day trips to the farm to running errands in town and even Sunday lunch at my parents because sometimes I love an outfit that much that I wear it two days in a row, don't judge.

If you're an eagle eyed reader you might notice that my boots and biker jacket actually feature in my last outfit of the day post which I think is a real testament to how much I love these pieces especially the jacket which I actually bought three years ago from a last chance to buy rail in Oxford Circus so I can't believe Topshop have brought this exact jacket out again this season. My mum has actually snapped it up in the most dreamy forest green shade so watch this space for a potential jacket swap situation. After some searching online I've finally got my eye on a few contenders for my truly sparse knitwear collection but each item is darn pricey, what is it with quality knitwear costing a bomb? Another area of my wardrobe that is lacking is my denim collection and I wholly blame Lizzie for my new found feeling of blue jean inadequacy, that girl knows how to rock a pair of jeans and has since confirmed my fears that an array of skinny jeans no longer cuts the fashion mustard.

This week has been a pretty laid back one and I must admit I've quite enjoyed spending some quality time at home with my favourite girl. Speaking of home more finishing touches are being made to the kitchen with Craig tiling one of the walls (only two to go), I've been looking at fabric for curtains and our new dining table is arriving Tuesday. Can you believe I'm more excited about its arrival than I would be a Topshop parcel. Someone send help.

Do you like mixing up casual knits with something a touch smarter? Where's your favourite shop to pick up jeans?

Transitioning Florals For Fall

Sunday, 2 October 2016

V Neck Mens Cashmere Jumper: M&S
Suede Biker Jacket: Topshop
Floral Tent Dress: Zara
Studded Amy Boots: Topshop
As soon as the leaves begin to fall you can guarantee I'll be feeling the cooler temperatures or as we say in Sheffield I'm feeling nesh. Autumn may be the most Instagram worthy season but baking temperatures is not one of its renowned features. Step forward everyones wardrobe favourite, luxe knitwear and more specifically cashmere. Cashmere is the dogs bollocks of fabric and while the washing instructions can be a bitch the incredibly snuggly material makes up for this in leaps and bounds. Everyone knows layering is the key for the Autumn Winter season so instead of packing away this floral tent style dress (an item I picked up for Sadies christening pre baby weight loss journey) I've made it season appropriate with just a few simple styling tweaks. For me the new season is all about mixing textures so adding tough buckle boots, a super soft knit and a suede biker jacket means my once Summer only dress ready to fight another day.

If you're a regular around these parts you'll know I'm currently in the process of refreshing my knitwear so in times of trouble I turn to my husbands wardrobe for a cashmere pick me up. This v neck jumper has been a long standing fixture in Craigs wardrobe and as its a piece he no longer reaches for it only seems fair that I shake it out of retirement. I can picture this looking Scandi blogger cool worn with blue straight cut jeans and a mannish shoe but for a family walk I simply rolled up the hem, grabbed the baby and went. Sometimes it really is that straight forward in the Wild household. We took these photos last Sunday after a lazy morning at home (we all stayed in bed until 11.40am) followed by an afternoon road trip to Chatsworth farm shop - what that shop doesn't have in terms of food is not worth eating. 

This weekend I'm enjoying some much needed down time after spending two and a half days in Italy with work, it was so refreshing to do something where I'm not initially thought of as a mum although this made my reunion with Sadie even sweeter. Who said being a mum was straight forward?

What do you make of my outfit? Do you try to make different garms appropriate for the new season?

The Khaki Boiler Suit

Sunday, 25 September 2016

Jacquard Pleat Front Jumpsuit: Warehouse
Coline Jacket: Claudie Pierlot via Selfridges
Catseye Lace Up Trainers: Topshop
Hibiscus Blossom Bag: Mulberry
In the words of Nelly I feel like a millionaire and not in a monetary sense but because I'm feeling pretty happy with my lot, life is good right now and I'm not just saying this because I've had my hair and nails done although that does make a girl feel all kinds of fancy. Our home is almost there after over three years of renovations and Sadie is growing into the most good natured, beautiful little toddler that it makes my heart swell with pride every time I lay my eyes on her so I couldn't think of a better way to celebrate the fact I'm proud as punch then to shout it from the rooftops aka the top of a wall, or just sit on it for blog photos. This weekend is already shaping up to be a goodie as Craig is off for both days! Weekends off are a serious rarity in the Wild household so when they happen we try to seize the day and do something fun. Todays plans are TBC but they may involve a trip to Chatsworth, make sure you're following me on Insta to see what we get up to.

Yesterday was a family filled day as we celebrated my nieces first birthday and nothing says happy birthday like a khaki boiler suit, am I right? Ever since my incredibly stylish friend Claire sported an all in one I've been searching the high street with a fine tooth comb for my own, I even included one in my Autumnal capsule wardrobe post. One afternoon I dashed into my local Warehouse to exchange an item (sans Sadie before going home to paint a wall, all of the glamour) when I spotted this almost pyjama style, meets mechanics overalls all in one and the rest is history. For me this is the perfect addition to my capsule closet as it lends itself to dressy occasions as well as the everyday, my kinda garment plus it allows me to reenact the Girls Aloud Long Hot Summer music video until my hearts content. Keeping things casual I paired my first (and hopefully not last) boiler suit with a pair of trainers and my take-everywhere Blossom bag before throwing on my navy leather jacket at the last minute to ward off the chill. Yes it's officially jacket weather and I couldn't be more excited to get wrapped up. In fact I think coats and jackets might just be my thing as the number I have in my wardrobe is frankly shameful, keep your eyes peeled for more of my coat collection coming your way real soon.

I hope you're all having the happiest of Sundays and have danced to Nellys song at least once this weekend because having fun and doing a crazy little dance now and again is what life is all about.

Have you ever rocked an all in one?

A Septembers Day

Friday, 23 September 2016

Striped Knit Midi Dress: H&M
Leather Jacket: Zara
Catseye Lace Up Trainers: Topshop
When you should be at work but nannas poorly the only thing to do is don your new dress throw on a leather jacket and go meet your favourite momma and baby duo Claire and Henry for a morning of fun. Now before you worry that I'm being a terrible daughter and not checking on my mum I can assure you its nothing major although she does have a crappy cough and cold which is definitely not something she wants to pass onto the Wild household and if you're thinking my employers are incredibly understanding you'd be right as I work with my family, so I'm lucky that I can work from home when situations like this arise. After a good old catch up with Claire which included a mini kitchen tour we headed to Remos, a local Italian cafe meets deli for a tasty salad and pasta combo (salad for us and pasta for the bambinos). Eating at Remos made me realise just how quickly my work trip to Bologna is coming around, I can't believe I go next week. I'm feeling a mixture of excitement and apprehension as its my first trip abroad without Sadie. I keep telling myself it's just two nights and my work jaunts are always jam packed so I'm hoping it won't be too painful. Any advise fellow mommas?

If you keep up to date with Cagney and Lace you'll know I'm trying to adopt a capsule wardrobe this season so last week I switched over my Summer garms for all those a touch longer, snugglier and/or sporting a sleeve, and along with a few new pieces things are almost there. One more trend led item I've added to the fold is this striped knit midi dress, it's the perfect length for running around after Sadie and I adore the slightly fluted sleeves. Whistles have created a more luxe version but as I don't see this as a wardrobe staple I was happy with the £24.99 price tag. For footwear there's another newb in the shape of these Adidas inspired trainers - I've been eyeing up a pair of white Stan Smiths and then white Gazelles for a while but after trying them on I just wasn't sold. Step forward these dupes from Topshop which are comfy and an absolute steal at £24. Finally a rediscovery from my wardrobe switch up, my trusty leather jacket which I got for my birthday many moons ago - it's truly stood the test of time, just as any leather piece should and I'm so pleased to have it in my collection.

An updated Autumnal capsule wardrobe post will be coming as soon as I've picked up a few basic jumpers 'cos I'm keen as mustard to show you what I've added to my wardrobe. Sadly the Gucci Soho Disco bag is still on my wish list as I can't seem to find it in stock anywhere, is this a sign? Answers in the comments please.

What have you been pulling out of your wardrobe in the seasonal switch up?

Cagney On Tour: 3 Days In Brighton

Sunday, 18 September 2016

If I had to describe my happy place I would always say beside the sea, closely followed by the countryside. I'm sure you'll agree there's something incredibly special about hearing the waves crashing on the coastline that make me feel at peace with the world. After a less than perfect few months Craig, Sadie and I were ready for some serious down town and Brighton couldn't have been a more perfect anecdote if it tried. If you frequent these parts often you'll know it's my second time in the seaside resort (get the original low down here) but this jaunt was all the more special as I went with my two favourites.

With r&r at the forefront of our minds we decided planning every last minute of our trip wasn't the way to go which I'm sure you'll know all about if you have an almost toddler in your life (they sniff out a plan like quicker than an Organix carrot cake bar and see how they can 'alter it'). The only item on my agenda was to visit as many foodie recommendations as possible from my scrambled together list, tell me I'm not the only one who plans their staycation around places to eat out? Huge props to Carrie who gave me some real corkers but more on that later. Naturally Craig, Sadie and I ticked off all the Brighton must dos including a walk along the sea front where we all dipped our toes in the cool blue waves before hitting the promenade, riding the carousel and numerous Sadie sized rides, not forgetting to devour the Brighton shop filled centre and Pavilion Gardens.

As with all good mini breaks the real pull factor for me is the accommodation, I've always been a bit of a boutique hotel girl at heart but since Airbnb came along I've surprised myself at just how much I enjoy living the life of a local and the flexibility of staying in someones home. Our Brighton abode did not disappoint and was just as beautiful in real life as it was online - I'd be one happy bunny if the bedroom wallpaper and dressing table could find its way into my home pronto. Oh and I'd be ecstatic if the little mid century rocking chair with faux fur rug could wiggle its way into my cottage too, Sadie absolutely adored it. Our apartment was just a ten minute walk from the seafront which was absolutely ideal for family Wild and our host was superb so I'd highly recommend checking out our Brighton pad.

Now if you're anything like me you'll want to know all about the food (priorities right?) so without further a do, let's talk food - on Sunday evening we headed to Wahaca for Mexican fodder and a much deserved mojito or two, which is a serious treat for me as I cannot remember the last time I enjoyed a cocktail. The staff were lovely and the children's menu was brilliant so even though its a chain it definitely deserves a mention. 

Monday morning called for a brunch to end all brunches so the Breakfast Club it was and boy it didn't disappoint. The soundtrack was on point resulting in mum dancing (thank goodness Sadie isn't old enough to get embarrassed), the orange juice pitcher was ideal for juice guzzlers like Craig and I and the banana bircher which I ordered for Sadie was an absolute treat. I was almost willing her not to eat it all so I could tuck into it too. It's definitely a breakfast I'm going to try and recreate in our new kitchen.

Lunch was all about vegetarian Food for Friends which may just be my favourite eatery out of everywhere we visited, our server went above and beyond to make us feel welcome and the food was out of this world which is saying something coming from two meat eaters. If only there was one in Sheffield... Also a huge shout out to Bluebird Tea Co which I got to try with my pudding at Food For Friends, the Gingerbread Chai was so good we Google mapped it to the store and bought some to take home straight after our meal. With a day full of dining out we decided to get Deliveroo for dinner, partly to have a more relaxed evening and partly because we were dying to try a burger from Meat Liquor. I haven't had a proper burger in forever so I don't know whether I enjoyed this so much more because of this, maybe you need to be in the restaurant to get the true Meat Liquor experience.

Tuesday morning began in style with pastries and iced coffees on the beach from Small Batch Coffee, I mean can you think of a better way to start your final morning in Brighton or any morning for that matter? In an attempt to counteract the pastries we enjoyed a pre lunch smoothie each at 42 Juice. This teeny juice and smoothie bar is a bloggers dream and I wish I'd of taken some snaps and tried one of their infamous charcoal juices but with Sadie taking a power nap I was enjoying taking a quiet five minutes with Craig.

For lunch we stumbled upon Mange Tout, somewhere I'd seen Suzie recommend and although it doesn't look much from the exterior both Craig & I were blown away by the food. Now French eateries aren't usually our go to but something about this restaurant was just right, the menu was paired back but delicious. Craig even declared it was the best steak he'd eaten in a long time and that's saying something from a man who comments very little when dining out. He also remarked that many places right now are all about creating fancy and elaborate dishes but there's a lot to be said for establishments that do simple dishes really well. I couldn't agree more. 

Before our journey home we decided to line our stomachs with our first ever Franco Manca pizza, the result was heavenly although the service was a lot more in-n-out compared to the note worthy experiences we had in the other restaurants we tried. Another must visit if you ever find yourself in Brighton is Boho Gelato where we wolfed down the most Italianesque gelato outside of Italy not once, but twice. The flavours Boho Gelato produce are just magic think salted caramel, carrot cake and chocolate rose and you'd be on the money.

For me Brighton is a dreamy destination for a family mini break with the perfect blend of cool shops and stand out eateries to keep the adults happy and enough throw back charm to bring out the child in you/keep your own children entertained. If only we could go back and do it all again tomorrow. Until next time seaside...

Have you ever been to Brighton? Which of our foodie must visits would you try?


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